Jenni Rivera First Husband

Jenni Rivera First Husband

Here we are going to talk aboiut Jenni Rivera First Husband. Jose Trinidad Marin aks Trino Marin is the former husband of Jenni Rivera, a late American singer, and songwriter. He married Jenni Rivera in 1984. Mr. Jose is not known only for being a celebrity ex-spouse; the reason for his notorious fame is his sexual abuse of his own daughters, Chiquis and Jacquie Rivera. He sexually assaulted his sister-in-law, Rosie Rivera, when she was a minor.

Jenni Rivera was a famous singer, songwriter, actress, and philanthropist. Less knowingly, she was an entrepreneur as well. Her ex-husband, Jose Trinidad Marin, is currently imprisoned and serving for his heinous acts of sexual abuse. In 2007, Court sentenced him to 31 years of imprisonment. He is still in jail and serving his sentence without parole.

A short profile of Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trino Marin was born on February 15, 1964, in California, United States. He was raised in Mexico before his parents permanently moved to the United States. As of now, he is 58 years old. Trino is of pure American ethnicity. He has a tall posture of 5 feet 9 inches. Trino has an only son with Jenni Rivera, named Michael Marin. The couple had two daughters as well, Chiquis Rivera and Jacqueline Campos Rivera. Their real father sexually assaulted them as a child; the reason why their mother had to call off her marriage with him.

A short profile of Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin has a bombshell within his pants!

Jose Marin got fired from his management job, and you can easily guess why! That same old bombshell within his pants that want adults and children alike! He had started developing sexual and intimate relationships with his co-workers in a Mexican-American cafe where he worked as an administrator. Mr.Trino came to his defense and said someone had started a rumor due to his professional jealousy, but the police proved his illicit relationships with evidence upon investigation.

Jose Trinidad’s sexual assault cases and the subsequent family disputes.

Everything was fine until Jose Trinidad had a decent reputation as a celebrity’s husband. But, one day, Jose crossed his lines with Jenni’s younger sister in 1997. The child, Rosie Rivera, herself confessed to the harassment. Jenni’s sister revealed a more ugly truth later on; Jose Trino harassed his older daughter too. The physical assessment report and the DNA reports confirmed his sexual abuse of Rosie and Chiquis. Jenni’s younger daughter, Jacqueline, was also proved as a victim of Jose’s sexual abuse.

Jose Trinidad's sexual assault cases and the subsequent family disputes.

This series of assault cases couldn’t evade the public eye for long. Jose Marin got a sentence in jail for nine years. However, in April 2006, he got an imprisonment sentence of 31 years because of his proven cases of 6-8 crimes, including lascivious acts with children, aggravated sexual assault, and rape. Jenni also reported him for mistreatment. The Court gave multiple chances for Marin to defend himself, but he accepted every single accusation. The singer parted ways with Jose Marino in 1992 after eight years of marriage. Jose got married again and settled in Riverside country with his new wife.

Trial of Jenni Rivera’s Ex-Husband.

After the medical reports proved Jose Trino guilty, the legal battle between Jenni Rivera and her ex-husband ensued for a year. Jose’s whole family was present at the court hearing in the room. The probations proved that Jose had been sexually abusing his elder daughter, Chiquis, from the age of 8. However, little Chiquis gave a heart-melting statement: ”I have forgiven my father, and I still love him. He may think that I disguise him, But the truth will never change that he is my father.” Jacqueline met her father in jail in the year 2017. She posted some adorable pictures with her father and requested the public give him a second chance to lead a righteous life.

Jenni Rivera’s heart-wrenching death in a plane crash.

Jenni Rivera died in the Learjet 25 plane crash on December 9, 2012. The plane engine had a problem that caused the plane to crash. The site of the air accident was Monterrey, Mexico. Six passengers, along with Rivera, lost their lives.

Jenni Rivera was going to Mexico for a musical event where her performance was due. The event could not take place due to the mishap. Her funeral took place in her hometown, Long Island. Rivera is resting eternally at the All Souls Chapel & Cemetery.

Jose Trinidad’s open confessions.

Jose Trinidad openly admitted his offenses in Court and said he is getting what he deserves because of his horrifying acts. Moreover, Trino said that the burden he is carrying in his heart would never let him talk directly to his daughters. Recently, some rumors were making rounds regarding his release. Trino’s brother said that he had no idea about the release. However, he was in good health when he saw him last time. Many people signed the petition that Trino should never be released from jail, and some people even demanded his life-long imprisonment.

Would Jose Trinidad be released from jail early than expected?

A journalist, Javier Ceriani, reported that Trino Marin might get out of jail before his sentence expires. Despite the gravity and seriousness of his charges and the extent of punishment a sexual abuser faces in the United States, there are still hopes that the sentence of late Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband would be reduced due to his good behavior.

On multiple occasions, Trino’s victims stated that they have no grudge towards him, and his release is a matter that is totally in the Court’s jurisdiction. Hence, they have no concern with it.

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Final Words

Jenni Rivera’s husband, Jose Trinidad, undoubtedly deserves as much condemnation as possible because of his heinous history, full of sexual crimes. However, even if he has started behaving well, releasing him out of jail before some twenty years of his sentence’s expiry would be a blunder. His daughter and victims’ generosity is palpable, but we shouldn’t forget the trauma that Jenni has faced alone. Sexual predators should be given a second chance, but they should never be left completely free as their behavior is unpredictable that may cause damage to others’ safety.


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