Guide To Wearing Cut Out Dresses

Cut Out

As early as the ’30s the cutout dress patterns were making scenes in fashion but were only worn by a few who dared to give it a try. From the mini skirts, corset, and bikini trends of the 60s, more styles geared towards exposing much skin were birthed. Over the years, cut-out styles had their moment in fashion and have solidified their place among the trends.

The cutout sections of the dress may be around the sides of the bodice, sides of the bust, chest, back, shoulders, midriff, and around the waistline, hip area, and thighs. There are a wide variety of styles with the cutout dress and the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry leads to more evolving styles. Cut out dresses are worn for a sea of occasions, especially as evening gowns and red carpet events. 

Up until today, the style is not worn by everyone because it takes a certain level of courage to rock the daring dress pattern. While this is understandable, we’ve put together a styling guide you can use to pull off the sexy cut-out in an elegant and sophisticated fashion. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Tips For Wearing Cutout Dresses

1. Confidence Is The First Rule

Except you layer up the dress to cover the cutout sections, you’d definitely draw attention to your silhouette. While you’d have lots of eyes staring, picture yourself as one of your fave fashion models stepping on a red carpet or going to take a photo shoot. Don’t look down or try to hide your face. You can stare back at the onlookers to embrace the excitement, but don’t make it uncomfortable. If you can’t, keep your face forward. Most importantly, always wear a smile on your face.

2. Talk About Balance In Your Dress

A cut out dress was made to show some skin. Balance in a cutout dress is all about keeping the details in the right spots. Don’t bare too much skin from top to bottom. If you are wearing a mini-length dress, don’t show much skin at the top. But if it’s going to be a longer length, then you can show as much skin as you want at the top. The capsule here is to wear what fits and know when to tone down the details.

3. Focusing On One Area

When you’ve got a side cutout or low neckline in your dress, you shouldn’t have more cut-out details at the back or shoulders. Too many cutouts would leave you uncomfortable and you won’t feel confident in your dress.

4. Highlighting Your Best Features

To glam up a summer party, you can arrive in a flirty dress feeling guilt-free with your best features out just because you can. Some cut-out styles may not be flattering for specific body types and flaunting your rolls and folds in public would only make you self-conscious. How about showing off your luscious shoulders in a cold shoulder dress? Besides, it’s part of the cutout fashion style.

5. What To Wear Underneath

You can either choose to go without a bra or have a backless bra, strapless bra, low strap bra, adhesive cups, or adhesive tapes under the dress. Don’t forget to keep comfort at the hem of affairs when deciding which option to go for.

6. Wearing The Right Footwear

Sneakers are slowly creeping into the number of acceptable footwear that goes with formal clothes. When you’re dressing up, it’s best to complete the look with some sexy heels on. Wearing sneakers with a cut out dress doesn’t make it fancy in any way and matter of factly, it tones down the dress elements.

Wearing Confidence In Your Dress

Taking a look at all the latest trends of cutout dresses worn by celebrities and supermodels, you’d notice that most of them dare to bare with a flash of skin that is not usually visible. Plus, you would need a great ounce of confidence as the wearer. If you think again, there are also other simple options of the cut-out style that you can rock to show a hint of skin.

If baring much skin isn’t your strength, go for simple by showing only the small window that feels appropriate to you. It’s best to wear the dress in confidence than have your head bent because of the awkward stares. As a rule, only bare what is comfortable.



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