Low Rise Flare Jeans

Low Rise Jeans


To keep up with the fashion industry, you must not only look at accessories. In fact, you must pay deep attention to the apparels too. Low rise flare jeans are the perfect option to learn more about the apparel industry. These products help you understand that the industry’s trends keep shifting. Some products can be termed constants.

Although many products are currently available in the market, they might not stand true to your expectations and specifications. Therefore we advise you to go for the products of the well-known brands. The trend of these jeans can be traced back to the 1950s. This is why we can say they are well known among all public circles.

Low Rise Jeans The Perfect Trend

If we look at the fashion trends from the 20th century, we will find the low rise jeans trending in the middle of the century. Irene Kramer designed them in 1957. Since then, people have admired them worldwide and are trying to adopt these products. These jeans are witnessed only in females in the modern days. You might never find a single male wearing low rise jeans.

Low Rise Jeans The Perfect Trend

How low rise jeans started trending

The trends keep on rising and declining. Although in the start, the low rise jeans witnessed a spike, later, these witnessed a decline. Almost three decades later, in 1994, Alexander McQueen brought these low rise jeans again into fashion. This style started spreading, and till the era of 2000, the style spread everywhere. Now it is almost impossible to put an end to it.

The increased number of products

With the increase in industrialization, the number of products in the market is increasing with every passing day. Also, if we talk about low rise jeans, then they are prepped and sold by many renowned brands. Therefore it is important that if you want the best results, you shoot for a simply unique product. Below we have mentioned the names of a few brands for the enhancement of your knowledge:

The increased number of products

1.     Reformation Addison low rise jeans

If you want the best product in the market, then this is the one mentioned at the top. The 10.5-inch rise is perfect for women. You will get the more relaxed fit and desired ankle-length fit that will surely enhance the looks of the person wearing them. One of the most important things you must remember is that these jeans can be worn casually, and you might add a blouse or heels to give a more aesthetic look.

The composition

60 per cent organic cotton is used in its composition, thus making it mostly natural and organic product. It also contains 40 percent TENCEL Lyocell.

2.     Wild Fable low rise jeans with distressed Bootcut

Wild Fable is the perfect option when it comes to buying low-rise jeans. They offer the most exciting products in the market. Also, if you look at the catalogue, then you will find these Distressed Bootcut jeans to be the perfect product. These are the most budget-friendly jeans that you will be able to find in the market. Also, there is no compromise on the quality of the product. The perfect design with back pockets will surely enhance your looks.

The composition

If we look at the composition, we will find that it is composed of 91% cotton and 7% polyester, and 2% spandex. The range of the size is from 00 to 16. Also, if we talk about the inseam, then it would be 31 inches.

3.     Rag and Bone Dre low rise jeans

This pair is the perfect option if you want to get your hands on designer denim. The 9-inch rise and the classic boyfriend design make them simply unique. If we talk about their usage, although they are fashionable in their appearance, you will also find them highly functional. The elastane allows smooth stretching making you comfortable during your everyday life endeavours.

The composition

Now you might be wondering about the composition of these low rise jeans. The cotton content is marked as 92%. Also, if we talk about the elastomultiester, then it would be 2%. The inseam is 30 inches. On the other hand, we will find the rise to be marked as 9 inches.

4.     Agolde Lyle low rise jeans

If you want a combination of mom and low rise jeans, this is the perfect option. The perfectly cool inseam and the straight leg style offer a modern touch. If we talk about the availability of these products, then they are available in different kinds of washes, including the rich medium wash and faded black.

The composition

A look at the composition of these jeans tells us that they are made up of 100% organic cotton. The size range is 23 to 34. If we talk about the rise, then it would be 10.5 inches.

5.     Topshop Bootcut low rise jeans

These black jeans might help you out if you need a new obsession. The perfect bootcut and the great pockets offer a design that is perfect in all sorts. Also, black is a great wash. You will not watch the colour to fade away. It might not be too dark, and these low rise jeans also have a bit of stretch to offer more comfort.

The composition

You might want to take a look at the composition. So let us tell you that the jeans contain 91% cotton and 7% polyester. The content of elastane is limited to 2% only. The size range is said to be 24-34.

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Low rise flare jeans are the perfect trend for the modern public. If you want to look great and have something to wear that is simply elegant, these products will surely help you. They are not only fashionable in all sorts of manners. In fact, they are also highly functional too.


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