Everything you need to know about a lace frontal wig


Lace frontal wigs give your wig the most natural look and allow you to part your hair in any way you choose.

You can decide to have a middle parting one day and the next day have a stylish side parting.

A growing trend in today’s fashion style is to part your hair in different ways, so although you may have the same hairstyle it can look different by simply parting it in a different way.

What is a lace frontal wig?

A lace front wig refers to the front of the cap that surrounds your head. This means that your entire hairline is edged with lace and the hair knotted into the lace frontal keeps the hair close together giving your hairline a totally natural appearance.

This means that you can even tie your hair into a ponytail and your hair will look natural all around the edge. 

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Another gorgeous hairstyle that you can do with a lace frontal wig is a high bun, pull some wisps of hair out of the bun to get that super Hollywood glam style that you see on the red carpet.

Lace frontal hair wigs are made of lace from ear to ear eliminating the need for you to be concerned that there is a part of your hair that looks unnatural. 

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The hair on lace frontal wigs is close together and gives you a luscious and natural look, ready for any hairstyle you decide on for the day. 

Special care for your lace frontal hair wig

Caring for your lace frontal wig is extremely important as you want to keep the lace in good condition to prevent the hair from falling out.

Selecting the correct hair products – just as you would with your own hair always select the best products for your wig maintenance and washing routine. Wash your lace frontal wig only after every 8 to 10 times of wearing, and if you look in the mirror or feel your hair and it still looks great, then wear it another day or so. The less you wash your lace frontal wig the longer it will last.

Using the right products on your lace frontal wig will make a big difference in the condition and the look of your wig. Hair products found in stores or beauty salons often contain alcohol and therefore have a high alkaline PH. Products that contain alcohol dry out the shaft and ends of the hair and cause tangling. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo with which to wash your lace frontal wig, it is gentle on the lace and gentle on the hair.

Hollywood hair stylists recommend that only sulfate-free products are used especially as the alcohol found in other shampoos affects the delicate material bonds of lace. Sulfates, which are alcohol-based hair products are harsh on the lace and hair and strip the keratin coating from the shaft of your hair. Sulfate-free shampoos are known to hydrate and moisturize the shaft and the ends of the hair on your natural wig and prevent stretching, tangling, and split ends. 

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Conditioning your hair – the best conditioner for a lace frontal hair wig is a spray-on or leave-in conditioner. Spritzing the conditioner on the shaft of your hair and the ends is the best way to avoid damaging the lace frontal and the cap of the hair. Your wig cap is not the same as your scalp and therefore doesn’t require conditioner, this is why a spray-on conditioner is the best. A spritz or leave-in conditioner has the added benefit of preventing your wig hair from tangling as the moisture remains on the hair shaft, which prevents tangling.

Brushing your lace frontal wig – professionals recommend that you do not comb your lace frontal wig as it might loosen the hair from the lace and lead to shedding. If you have a lace frontal wig brushing is recommended. When brushing avoid getting too close to the lace front or the cap. Brush your wig hair often to keep it tangle free and looking lustrous. Brush from the roots to the tips of the hair carefully and if you encounter a tangle, brush carefully and do not pull on the hair as this will result in the hair coming loose at the root. 

The hair quality used on a lace frontal wig is of high quality and needs to be brushed daily. A good wide paddle brush is recommended for high-quality lace frontal wigs. Prior to washing always brush through your hair to ensure it is tangle free 

Take good care of your lace frontal wig while sleeping – having a lace frontal wig requires special attention if you are going to wear it while you sleep. Before you go to sleep, use your paddle brush to brush your hair and ensure it is tangle free.

Once your hair is brushed put in a special hair net. Now wrap a silk scarf around the hair and fasten it securely. Take care not to fasten the scarf tightly as this could damage the lace frontal or the hair on the wig. A silk scarf prevents friction as you move around in your sleep, and you will wake up to beautiful tangle-free hair. 


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