Essentials to have for college Pregames

College dorm party

Pregames for college dorm Party are an important aspect that college students must experience, particularly when you’re not a part or Greek Life. If you’re drinking before leaving or hosting an open-air party in your dorm, all of the suggestions listed here are sure to make your dorm the scene of a party.

The Fun Stuff

1. Strip LED Lights

Pregames in college dorm party aren’t so enjoyable without decorations that create a more exciting environment as opposed to your standard dorm room. One way to spice up your game is by installing a string of LEDs with color-changing lights inside your room. It is both inexpensive to buy and simple to install The strip of LEDs will provide your room with an ethereal glow and get eliminate the dull yellow-toned lighting you find in numerous dorms. There are a variety of kinds of light strips that available, each priced differently. Some of them will alter depending on the music you play, and some are operated manually with an remote.

2. Light Projector

Another alternative to lighting for college dorm Party for pregames is light projectors. They are a little more distinctive than LED light strips but they can be more expensive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dotted design projected onto your ceiling , or any image you want to project A light projector can enhance the look of your dorm room and create great photos as well.

3. Mini Speaker

A must-have for every college dorm’s pregame is an audio system. Any size speaker can be used however, if you’re living in a campus area, a smaller speaker will require less space and have smaller volume, which means it is less likely to cause disturbance to your neighbors. I highly recommend making sure that the device you purchase is water-resistant because of the inexplicably high amount of accidental spills from drinks that happen during any typical college dorms pregame. Additionally the fact that the use of a Bluetooth speaker allows the DJ for pregame to play music via their mobile while keeping it in their pocket and interacting within the dorm rooms.

4. Theme

While this may seem like a strange choice for a college dorm game themes can be a great way to make sitting in the house and socializing with friends more enjoyable. The themes for college dorm pregames differ than mixer themes, since they’re on a smaller scale. For instance, send your friends an invitation to stay in your dorm. However, inform them that they’ll only be permitted entry when they wear the appropriate hat or color. These are excellent examples of ideas that can make your college dorm’s game more enjoyable. It also provides great photo opportunities and is a great method of creating hilarious college memories.

5. Cameras with Polaroid/Disposable Lens

When you purchase disposable, or Polaroid camera for your college dorm’s pregames, you will be able to capture college memories instantly on a printable platform. After that, you can put these photos up in your dorm for decoration or let your guests take the pictures they’re in.

6. Games

A group activity that includes the entire college dorm game is to play games. If it’s a basic board game that you played in your childhood, such as Monopoly or an old-fashioned card game such as Uno or a particular drinking game it is a great method to bring everyone together. A few games to consider are Cards Against Humanity, Buzzed or Incoherent. This is a fun method to spend time with your friends prior to being lost in the crowd at the party.

7. Snacks

The most important part of a college dorm-based pregame is food. I would suggest following the rule of thumb “the most important food during the day the one that you consume prior to drinking,” and while most college students avoid eating in the hopes of getting drunk, having snacks in your pregame will help you avoid issues with drinking with a full stomach. Additionally the fact that college students are usually hungry and broke, so that if you are the one to offer chips and a bag for your friends and you’ll be the center of attention at the end of the evening.

8. Room Spray

If you live on campus, it is likely that you are a Resident Assistant, or RA, which is the most effective buzzkill at every college dorm game. To avoid the odors of alcohol from your room , which could remain from the party you attended prior to your game make sure you have some sort of fresh-smelling spray for your room to get rid of the sour smell.


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