Emily Wickersham Net Worth: The Career Highlights

Emily Wickersham Net Worth

Emily Wickersham is a well-known American actress. For more than ten years, she has enthralled audiences with her breathtaking performances. From small roles to her breakout role in the hit TV series NCIS, Wickersham has built a successful career in the entertainment industry. One question that often comes up among her fans is what Emily Wickersham net worth is. And what is she up to recently? Find the answers here, in this article.

Who is Emily Wickersham?

Born on 26 April 1984, Emily Wickersham grew up in Kansas, USA. She began her acting career with small roles in TV shows. Her breakout role came in 2013 when she was cast as Ellie Bishop on the hit TV series NCIS. The show brought her widespread recognition and fame. Her other notable roles include in movies and TV shows like Glitch, Remember Me, and The Bridge.

Emily Wickersham Net Worth

How much is Emily Wickersham Net Worth?

As of 2023, Emily’s net worth is predicted to be around $6 million. Her successful career in the entertainment industry has helped her increase her net worth over the years.

Key Points to Know About Emily Wickersham

Net Worth $6 million
Full Name Emily Kaiser Wickersham
Born April 26, 1984
Birthplace Kansas, United States
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m)
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Social Media Instagram

The Sources Contributing to Emily Wickersham Net Worth

Emily has earned a sizable amount of money from her roles in various movies and TV shows. Her primary source of income, however, is from her work on NCIS. Let’s take a closer look at the different sources of Wickersham’s impressive net worth.

Income from Acting Roles

Wickersham’s primary source of income comes from her work as an actress. Her acting career began with doing small roles in TV shows like The Sopranos and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. However, her big break came when she was cast on the hit TV series NCIS, as Ellie Bishop. She appeared in over 200 episodes of the show.

Emily Wickersham Net Worth

Emily Wickersham reportedly earned around $100K per episode for her work on NCIS. As she appeared in over 200 episodes during her time on the show, her earnings from NCIS alone would be around $20 million.

Some Endorsement Deals

Apart from her acting, Emily has also earned a significant amount of money through endorsement deals. In 2016, she became the brand ambassador for Piaget’s Possession jewelry line. She has also appeared in many commercials and advertisements for different brands. For instance, McDonald’s and Hyundai. Endorsement deals are always a lucrative source of income for celebrities. And Emily Wickersham is no exception.

Some of Emily Wickersham’s Notable Film Roles

  • Glitch (2015):Wickersham received quite a good review for her portrayal of Ani in this drama movie. The movie centers on Ani’s return to her hometown after a long absence to confront the traumatic events that forced her to leave. The film deals with themes of loss, grief, and redemption.
  • Gone (2012):In this thriller film, Wickersham portrayed the character of Molly, the sister of the main character. The film follows the story of a young woman who returns home from her night shift to find her sister missing. And she sets out to find her before it’s too late.
  • I Am Number Four (2011):Emily Wickersham played the role of Nicole, the girlfriend of the main character’s best friend. In this science fiction action film. The movie centers on a group of young aliens who are hiding on Earth from a hostile race of aliens.
  • Remember Me (2010):Wickersham played a supporting role in this romantic drama film. She portrayed a college student who becomes involved with the main character, played by Robert Pattinson. The movie deals with themes of love, loss, and grief. It was one of Wickersham’s first major film roles.
  • Definitely, Maybe (2008):In this romantic comedy film, Emily portrayed the role of the college girlfriend of the main character. The movie follows the story of a political consultant who is trying to explain his impending divorce to his young daughter.

Personal Life and Social Media Presence

Even though Emily has kept her personal life largely private, she keeps her fans up to date on her social media. Emily Wickersham is active on Instagram with over 900k followers. And she frequently posts pictures and updates about her life and career.


On July 30, 2021, she announced via Instagram that she and her partner James Badge Dale were expecting a boy. In her free time, Emily Wickersham enjoys practicing yoga, reading, and traveling. She has shared pictures of herself doing yoga on her Instagram account,


Why did Emily Wickersham decide to leave NCIS?

There hasn’t been any official statement from Emily Wickersham or the producers of NCIS regarding her departure from the show. However, it has been reported that her decision to leave was a personal one. Also, Emily wanted to explore new opportunities and challenges in her career.

Who is Emily Wickersham partner?

Emily Wickersham’s partner is actor James Badge Dale. Emily was previously married to Blake Hanley, a musician. However, the couple separated in 2018.

What is Emily Wickersham doing now?

It’s not entirely clear what Emily Wickersham is currently working on. However, ever since the actress left NCIS in 2021, she hasn’t been on screen. Emily is likely spending time with her family more.

Final Thought

To sum it up, Emily Wickersham has had quite a successful career in film and TV series. As an accomplished actress, No wonder Emily Wickersham net worth is impressive as well. From her early beginnings to her breakout role has made herself a versatile and talented performer. While her departure from NCIS may have come as a surprise to fans, it is clear that she has a bright future ahead of her. As she continues to explore new opportunities and challenges in her career, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this talented actress.



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