Easy Ways to Personalize Your Work Environment

Your Work Environment

The benefits of working in a well-organized space or Your Work Environment that encourages positive vibes are known far and wide. Such spaces not only have the power to boost motivation and productivity, but many people find them quite inspiring as well.

The only thing that’s arguably even better than a well-organized working environment is the one that feels personal. But while it is naturally super-easy to personalize your home office, things are not quite the same when it comes to corporate offices and coworking spaces.

That being said, however, even these areas can easily be personalized and made to feel more “you” with the help of just a few simple things. So, with that in mind, here are some easy ways you can personalize your work environment and set the tone and vibe that will boost your motivation and allow your creativity to flow.

Personalize your environment with custom stickers

Customized stickers are arguably the easiest way you can personalize any surroundings. That’s why you should definitely make use of them when personalizing your work environment. You can easily make customer stickers with Stickerapp, for instance, and add a personal touch to your surroundings. Aside from stickers themselves, you can also personalize your phone case to match your style and even order a custom skin for your work laptop – if your employers are okay with that. No matter which type of stickers you opt for, just make sure they’re made out of quality and durable materials. Even though they’re quite simple, they’re still a great way to make your surroundings look and feel more “you”.

Get your hands on a potted plant or two

Additionally, you can – and even should – add a potted plant or two to your workspace. No matter if you have a green thumb or not, you can find cute low-maintenance plants to green up your office. Potted plants are proven to have a positive effect not just on our well-being, but concentration as well. Ideally, go for a medium-sized leafy plant you can easily keep on your work desk. But if you share an office with other people, make sure you choose hypoallergenic species to ensure that none of your colleagues are bothered by your leafy friend. In the end, if you struggle with keeping plants alive and you feel like this will only stress you out, you can always go for a faux version instead.

Get a cute chair cushion

Next, if you’re spending the majority of your work day sitting, you can also get your hands on a cute chair cushion. That way, you will bring more personality into your office and, at the same time, invest in a piece that will help you stay nice and comfortable throughout your work day. What’s great about this is that you can easily switch up the cushion covers whenever you feel like it and thus have this tiny element of your office décor always fit your mood, style and season.

Organize your workstation

The fact of the matter is that visual clutter creates mental clutter, so you should make sure you organize your workstation and keep it nice and clutter-free at all times. This will not only positively affect your concentration and productivity, but it will also leave you room to personalize and customize your immediate surroundings. Get your hands on fun organizers and make sure you mark everything properly if you’re working with a bunch of papers and files. The same goes for your computer desktop as well, so make sure that it’s well-organized as well. What’s more, you can also always change your computer background, thus personalizing your workspace even further.

Make sure you have enough light

Even though the majority of offices and other work spaces are generally well-illuminated, that doesn’t mean you can’t add another lighting fixture if you really need one. No matter if you go for a full-on task lighting fixture or you simply get yourself a USB LED light, just make sure that your entire work surface is nice and bright. This will make a huge difference in your overall mood and productivity, as poorly-lit spaces are known to be one of the biggest productivity killers.

Use a personalized coffee mug

In the end, no work place would be complete without a coffee mug. No matter if you enjoy this beverage, or you’re more of a tea person yourself, you should always make sure you drink your favorite drink out of a nice mug. Nowadays, in particular, you can easily find a plethora of fun, quirky or even elegant mug options, so you can easily get your hands on one that suits your personal taste best. Alternatively, you can also choose to create a custom design and have it printed out on your favorite mug, thus creating something totally unique and personal.

 Even though the majority of these tips are quite simple to implement in any workspace, they will make a ton of difference. So, if you feel like your work environment is lacking a bit of a personal touch, give some of these ideas a try.



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