Chiquis Rivera Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Salary

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth

Chiquis Rivera is a Mexican-American singer, television personality, and businesswoman. She is the daughter of the late Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera and has made a name for herself in the music and entertainment industry. In this article, we will explore Chiquis Rivera net worth, early life, career, salary, and personal life.

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth

Chiquis Rivera has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. Her music career, television appearances, business ventures, and endorsements contributed to her wealth. She is one of the most successful Mexican-American entertainers and continues to work hard to maintain her success.

Chiquis Rivera’s net worth is relatively modest compared to other celebrities in her industry. However, it is essential to remember that she is still a relatively young artist with plenty of time to grow her wealth and success.

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth

Her net worth reflects her dedication, hard work, and ability to capitalize on her success through business ventures and endorsements. However, her philanthropic efforts remind her that she is more than just a celebrity – she is a role model and a compassionate human being.

Early Life and Education

Chiquis Rivera was born on June 26, 1985, in Los Angeles, California. She is the oldest daughter of Jenni Rivera and her first husband, José Trinidad Marín. Chiquis grew up in a family of musicians and performers, and it was no surprise that she eventually found her way into the entertainment industry.

Chiquis attended California State University, Fullerton, where she studied Business Administration and Management. She graduated in 2008 and decided to pursue a career in music, like her mother.

Since graduating from college, Chiquis Rivera has continued to learn and grow. She has taken several courses in business, marketing, and public relations. She has also taken a course in beauty and makeup and worked with a professional makeup artist, helping her perfect her beautiful look.

Chiquis Rivera firmly believes in the importance of education and has even established the Jenni Rivera Foundation to help young women pursue their educational goals. The foundation provides scholarships to young women, helping them pay for college tuition and other educational expenses.


Chiquis began her career as a background vocalist for her mother, Jenni Rivera. She later worked as an executive producer for her mother’s reality show, “I Love Jenni,” which aired on the Mun2 network. Her work on the show gave her valuable experience in the television industry and set her on the path to stardom.

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth

Chiquis has come a long way since her mother’s passing in 2012. She has released several successful singles and has even ventured into acting. In 2017, she starred in the feature film, “Real Women Have Curves,” alongside Eva Longoria and America Ferrera.

In recent years, Chiquis has become a massive presence in the Latin entertainment industry, with her record label, Chiquis Music, which has released her solo album, “Oh, My Chiquis.” She has also made history, becoming the first Latin artist to sign a multi-million dollar deal with Sony Music Latin.

Chiquis has also been active in the world of television. She has appeared on various talk shows and reality programs, such as “The Real,” “Despierta America,” and “El Gordo y La Flaca.” She also served as a judge on the reality show, “La Voz Kids,” and has been a guest star on the hit series, “Jane the Virgin.”

Chiquis has even ventured into the fashion world, launching her clothing line, Chiquis Style. She has also released a book, “Forgiveness: A Memoir,” which details her healing journey after her mother’s death.

Music and Television Career

Chiquis Rivera’s music career began in 2014 with the release of her debut album, “Ahora.” The album succeeded and spawned several hit singles, including “Paloma Blanca” and “Esa No Soy Yo.” Chiquis has since released several more albums, including “Entre Botellas” and “Playlist,” which have also been well-received by fans and critics alike.

In addition to her music career, Chiquis Rivera has also made a name for herself in the television industry. She has appeared on several reality shows, including “I Love Jenni,” “Chiquis’ n Control,” and “The Riveras.” These shows have given fans a glimpse into Chiquis’ personal life and helped solidify her status as a celebrity.

Business Ventures and Endorsements

Chiquis Rivera is a singer and television personality, and savvy businesswoman. She has several business ventures, including her clothing and accessory line called “Be Flawless.” She also has a fragrance line called “Reina de Corazones” and has launched her tequila line called “La Gritona.”


Chiquis Rivera has also landed several endorsements and sponsorships throughout her career. She has worked with major brands such as Coca-Cola and Sprint, and her partnerships with these companies have helped to increase her net worth.

Salary and Earnings

According to reports, Chiquis Rivera earns an estimated $169 per month. While this amount may seem low, it is essential to note that Chiquis Rivera has numerous other sources of income. She gets paid for her appearances on television shows and in movies. As well as for her endorsements and other promotional activities. She also receives some of the profits from her albums and merchandise sales.

With all of her other sources of income, Chiquis Rivera’s annual salary is quite impressive. She can maintain her luxurious lifestyle and can give back to her community. Chiquis Rivera’s salary and earnings prove that hard work, dedication, and talent can lead to riches.

Controversies and Criticisms

Like many celebrities, Chiquis Rivera has faced her fair share of controversies and criticisms throughout her career. One of the most significant controversies she faced was in 2014, when she had an affair with her stepfather, Esteban Loaiza. Chiquis denied the allegations, and the scandal ultimately had no impact on her career.

Chiquis has also been criticized for her appearance and weight. She has been open about her struggles with body image and has used her platform to promote body positivity and self-love.

Chiquis Rivera’s Philanthropy

Despite her controversies and criticisms, Chiquis Rivera has used her success to give back to the community. She is involved in several philanthropic efforts, including the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. The foundation was created in honor of Chiquis’ mother, Jenni Rivera, and aims to provide support and resources to victims of domestic violence.

Chiquis has also been involved in other charitable causes, such as the fight against breast cancer. She has participated in several events and campaigns to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

Chiquis Rivera’s philanthropy is a reflection of her character and values. Despite her success and wealth, she remains grounded and dedicated to helping others.

FAQs on Chiquis Rivera Net Worth

How much does Chiquis Rivera make?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chiquis Rivera’s current net worth is $5 million. Her music career, media appearances, book sales, and other endorsements generate this money.

She makes additional money from her fashion line and her YouTube channel. As of 2023, Chiquis Rivera makes around $800,000 annually from various sources.

Does Chiquis Rivera have a kid?

Chiquis Rivera, the daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera, has no children. However, she is the stepmother to two of her sisters’ children and is a very involved and loving parent. She also has two nieces and one nephew with whom she is very close. Chiquis is an aunt to her siblings’ children and loves them like hers.

Did Chiquis Rivera forgive her dad?

Chiquis Rivera has been very vocal about her estranged relationship with her father. In recent years, however, Chiquis has taken steps to forgive her father for the pain he caused her growing up. In an interview with People magazine, Chiquis said she found peace in forgiving her father. She has also said that reconciliation with her father has brought her a sense of closure and peace. Despite the difficulties in their relationship, Chiquis has found a way to honor her father. And she moves forward in her life.


Chiquis Rivera’s net worth may not be as high as some of her peers in the entertainment industry, but her success and career are still impressive. From her early days as a background vocalist to her current status as a singer, television personality, and businesswoman, Chiquis has worked hard to achieve her dreams.

Chiquis Rivera’s net worth may grow in the coming years. But regardless of her wealth, people will never forget her for her talent, hard work, and dedication to helping others.


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