Ben Shapiro Sister

Ben Shapiro Sister

Ben Shapiro’s sister, Abigail Shapiro, is a social media influencer and YouTube personality of the conservative class. She is also known as a digital creator, stuntwoman, actress, make-up artist, opera singer, entrepreneur, and a conservative political commentator (like her brother Ben Shapiro) across the digital world.

Although not politically active on a large scale like her brother, she shares her commentary and conservative political reviews online. Besides her political biography, she is perceived as a social media influencer after her video of opera singing went viral on 4chan back in October 2017. Her Instagram account has 54k followers right now, and she also has 90,000 subscribers on YouTube. She got fame on YouTube in 2020, a short time after creating her channel Classical Abby. She first caught the public’s attention after publishing an article on The Forward’s pro-semantic website regarding her Orthodox Jewish roots and conservative beliefs.

Who is Ben Shapiro, and what is he best known for?

Benjamin Aron Shapiro, better known as Ben Shapiro, has been known since the age of 17 as the youngest member of the national syndicate of columnists of the USA. He is the media host and a political commentator affiliated with the conservative school of thought. He serves as a columnist for veteran newspapers like Creators, Ami Magazine, and Newsweek.

Who is Ben Shapiro, and what is he best known for?

He is known primarily across the online political platforms for hosting a live political podcast called The Ben Shapiro Show and as the founder and editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire. He served as the roving editor of a far-right news website, Breitbart News, from 2012-2016. He has authored eleven books on right-wing political ideology and Jewish Conservatism.

Ben Shapiro’s sister, Abigail, got on the political radar owing to her elder brother. She is somewhat following her brother’s suit to be a conservative political commentator. She is nicely doing so by overlapping the classical traditions of Conservatism with feminism and has substantially earned a name for herself and sparking a little controversy over YouTube.

Abigail Shapiro: From where were these conservative siblings hailed?

Ben and Abigail belong to Los Angeles, California. They have mixed ancestry of the Russian-Jewish and Lithuanian-Jewish races. Abigail Shapiro was born in 1994 and is 10 years junior to her brother Ben, born on January 15, 1984. They were brought up in a conservative Jewish Family, and later the whole family transitioned to Orthodox Judaism. Both their parents were employed in Hollywood.

Abby Shapiro’s website states that she has completed the Bachelor’s of Music degree at the University of South California. She pursued a master’s degree in Music at the Manhattan School of Music. She also has a professional certificate in Music.

Wait, She started as an Opera Singer only!

Ben Shapiro’s sister Classical Abby did not come out on YouTube with the intent of being a social media influencer. Still, she is a professionally trained Opera Singer in the first place. As a USC Opera Singer, Abby Shapiro made an unofficial appearance in the ”On May Way” Episode of the TV Series ”Glee” as one of the Golden Goblet Singers. She also appeared as a musical child artist in A Light of Greytowers (2007). She has a distinction of performing in more than twenty Opera Productions.

Wait, She started as an Opera Singer only!

Ben Shapiro’s sister has some conservative (and maybe controversial) views as himself.

Owing to her brother’s high-profile but conservative and controversial views, she was also trolled over the internet for following his suit. She was tagged as ”anti-semitic”, and ”misogynist”. On April 14 April 14, 2020, She released a video on her YouTube Channel justifying her conservative reason. The video also addressed the pressing issue of how badly conservative feminists need a platform.

She pointed out that conservative women find it harder to survive than conservative men. She shared her views on hot-button issues like Sex without Wedlock, Anti-Abortion, Fashion in a modest way, Role of women in housekeeping, etc.

Ben Shapiro's sister has some conservative (and maybe controversial) views as himself.

It is pertinent to mention here that, unlike her brother, she does not have a core focus on politics and right-wing doctrines. Instead, she has a socio- feminine approach, aiming at women’s empowerment through inculcating classical traditions among American society.

The trolling Ben Shapiro’s sister had to face due to his tweet.

On September 20, 2020, Ben Shapiro adamantly criticized the LGBTQ community with his tweet where he analogized gay relationships with the incest between a brother and his sister. Due to being a staunch conservative, he keeps tyrannical views about non-cultural acts. He expressed his view that if the family could set a boundary over sex, why can’t gays control themselves?

Ben Shapiro's sister has some conservative (and maybe controversial) views as himself.

His sister had to face backlash, too, just for her relationship with Ben. She received anonymous messages that said extremely annoying things, even to the extent of ”chopping her head and sending it to Ben”! She did not make her relationship with her brother public over YouTube and Instagram, where she had her fan base; Still, she said that as now it is clear that he is Ben’s sister, she has to face it for her entire life.

Her Instagram World

She has 71.1K Followers on Instagram as a digital creator. She added the phrases like ”classic living”, ”Traditional values”, ”100K on YouTube”, ”Let’s be classic”. She regularly uploads her snaps there, especially of her pregnancy updates. She is blissfully married to Jacob Roth, a staff attorney. Classical Abby has gained accelerated success on Instagram over a short period of time on the similar lines of her YouTube channel.

Her comment about Taylor Swift and public outroar

Abigail Shapiro was widely ridiculed over YouTube for her comment regarding Taylor Swift. She said that she used to adore the singer a lot, but now things have changed because she has become an SJW (Social Justice Worker), a term used to describe the people who want social change and are mildly liberal. Trolling was evident owing to the enormous fan following of Taylor Swift. Surprisingly, those people were also trolling Abby, who were otherwise supportive of her ideals.

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Final Words

In recent years, Ben Shapiro’s sister has proved herself as a young and bright digital entity. However, it would have been better for her if some curious netizens had not disclosed her relationship with Ben.


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