Beginner’s Guide to Rock Drilling


Drilling began in 1856 in Gold Hill, California with the first rotary drilling tool ever manufactured, the “Vibroseis hole digger”. This machine was created by Samuel Colt and Henry R. Sheafly (plotter), who patented it on July 4, 1856, and put it into production. The device used two revolutions per minute (rpm) clockwork motor to rotate a steel drill bit and an auger, which was powered by a hand-cranked backup motor. Each completed hole would be cored out with augers, or hand-operated tools similar in shape. This process was laborious and expensive, often taking months or years to complete drilling. is a company that provides you with solutions to your drilling problems. They offer a vast range of options for everyone’s needs. If you are building a water well or you want something on an industrial basis they have a solution for that. There best technical team can provide you with their services anytime you desire. Their customer care service is amazing and responds well on time.

Drilling’s evolution:

Rock drilling has evolved over time with new advancements and limitations. It has been largely used for extracting minerals from underground rocks, but it also has other applications such as construction, water wells, and geothermal energy production. It consists of a hand-held rotating drill and a hollow tubular steel drill bit with an internal spiral flute that is forced into the ground by high-speed rotation. The cutter at the other end of the bit can be modified to reshape it for different purposes, including cutting through rock, removing trees from forests, and reworking soil. In the 18th century, European miners were primarily drilling in coal mines. A tool used was called a “pickax” or a “peck-head.” These tools looked like axes and could make grooves into the rock. The point of the pickax would be set on fire to heat up and then inserted into the ground for breaking up the rock.

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Drilling is used for the following purposes:

Rock drilling is one of the most widely utilized techniques for exploration and extraction of minerals from underground rocks. Its application is diverse as it can be used for both mineral exploration or extraction as well as for construction purposes. Drilling is often done to create a hole in the ground through which material can be removed by means of a rotary or reciprocating drilling machine. Ground-penetrating radar can also be used to identify underground structures and map subsurface geological features. Rigid pipe is mainly used to transport water or wastewater, but can also carry other fluids, such as oil. A rotary drill rig is a special drilling machine that uses a rotating spindle with cutting edges mounted on it to cut through the ground. They are typically powered by electric motors and use gearboxes and hydraulic power packs for speed control.

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Drilling can sometimes be a headache but proper guidance and education regarding it will help you understand it in a better way and will help you choose someone who can have a solution to your actual problem.


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