10 Hacks to Save Time on Instagram

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10 Hacks to Save Time on Instagram I’m not sure about you, increasing followers on Instagram but I sometimes notice that I open my IG, scroll down my Feed, answer some Direct messages, and whoops, an hour has gone. Publish a couple of Stories – minus another hour. It’s frightening, so I’ve got to aim to develop the fullest How-to guide. Thus, 10 hacks to save time on Instagram were born. How to increase followers on Instagram: superviral


1. Always have a content plan

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The content plan for Instagram is a strategic tool. It disciplines, helps to develop your account as efficiently as possible, respond to the most urgent requests of the audience, and implements your marketing strategy. How to get paid followers on Instagram

The content plan allows you to save time for thinking up ideas for new posts. Spending a couple of hours once you won’t have to think about it later. In addition, it allows to:

  • create an interesting and relevant feed for followers;
  • conduct effective advertising campaigns;
  • build funnels (series of posts);
  • Analyze the effectiveness of different types of content and publication time;
  • Set short-term goals and optimally change the content to achieve them.

Read more about how to create the right content plan Striking Strategy: How to Plan Instagram Content?

2. Use scheduled posting

Once you have got a content plan, start to schedule it and then post it automatically with the help of special services. For instance, according to our research, Inflict Post Planner allows you to save up to 5 hours per month! How can we increase our followers on Instagram?

With it, you can schedule photos, video posts, carousels, and Stories. And thanks to the option of instant preview, you can estimate how a particular post will look among other posts. Thus, you won’t violate the unique aesthetics of your gallery.

You can find more about Inflact Post Planner – Refreshed Scheduled Posting: How to Post on Instagram Online in a New Way?

3. Use presets for quick editing

A preset is a saved set of settings, such as white balance, exposure, curves, and any others that you can apply to a photo with one click and instantly get the result. It saves time for editing and allows you to stick to your unique style. Get more followers on Instagram

For instance, you can use Adobe Lightroom in combination with truly high-quality presets. You can add preset by copying and saving the settings of an already edited photo.

4. Keep in mind your most productive tags

Always track the efficiency of the tags you use for your posts. With time, you will gather the top most proper tags for your account. Get paid followers on Instagram

I want to remind you that the use of a Hashtags generator is a must in this case. With it, you can effortlessly find the most popular and performative hashtags.

5. Use auto messaging

If communication with your followers is part of your social media strategy, you can’t save even a minute without service for auto messaging. That’s a super easy tool for welcoming and notifying followersGet more paid followers on Instagram loyalty

6. Delegate your promotion

If you want to be popular and get more followers, you probably read a lot of relevant articles, and like and follow a lot of people to attract their attention. That’s a time-consuming process. You can delegate the task to services like Inflict.

It imitates real human behavior using advanced algorithms. Thanks to it, you get fast but natural promotion. How to increase followers on Instagram

7. Follow only those accounts you are interested in

It seems easy, but not so obvious. Every day you spend a lot of time scrolling your Feed, sometimes it takes time to find the posts you are interested in, so you scroll and scroll. To avoid wasting time scrolling, clear up your Following list, and follow only those people whose content you are interested in.

Thus, you will see only good content that will be interesting to you. No more thief of time!

8. Add links, point out prices

A point for those who run their businesses on Instagram. People tend to ask questions, regarding price, conditions of delivery, about the characteristics of a product. If you do not want them to disturb you every time they want to know something, provide all the information in advance. Give the link to your website where they can find answers. It’s better to specify the prices so that they do not terrorize your Direct (or use auto-replies) and get more followers on Instagram

9. Use templates for Stories

If you like to publish Stories, it’s great to have templates prepared in advance. Thus, your Stories will look united, finished, and seamless. Each new Story will organically complement the previous one. On top of all, it saves time. How to increase followers on Instagram click here

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10. Look for tools that will simplify and speed up all the processes

I’ve already told you about some of them: hashtags generator posts planners and auto messengers. You can use tools for quick reposts, there are tools for auto Stories views, live analytics tools, and so on. You just need to be open to new trends, use new tools that will optimize all processes, and streamline them. And through that, you spend less time on them.

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