Antibiotics and CBD Oil For Dogs – Taking The Two Together

CBD Oil For Dogs

Cannabidiol oil or supplements have quickly become a well-known and popular go-to, for many people as well as pet owners. Those who have dogs or cats as their house pets are starting to lean towards natural ways of keeping them fit and healthy. Sometimes it’s a case where they can get sick and are uncomfortable and nothing else will help besides antibiotics. CBD Oil For Dogs-

Because of the many potential health benefits of the natural stuff, many people enjoy the holistic and no-fuss approach to maintain their health and mind and want the same for our furry friends. But when our dogs get ill and are placed on medication such as antibiotics, but you also want to give them something more organic to calm their nerves and help them sleep during times of discomfort, is giving them CBD oil for dogs along with their medication, a recommended solution?

We discuss this topic below.

Giving CBD Oil For Dogs While on Antibiotics

The burning question on most pet owners’ minds is whether they can continue to give their pets this hemp plant extract in the event they have been placed on antibiotics to treat an ailment or if they won’t interact with each other favourable.

Antibiotics are usually prescribed by medical professionals to patients, with ailments, to aid in stopping the spread of infection. They help to kill harmful bacteria and also keep them from reproducing. It is a type of drug that is induced to kill germs. More about what they can and cannot do can be found here

The fact that the natural extract from the hemp plant, is safe to use for many people, as well as pets, goes to show that the simplest answer to this is yes, they can both be taken together. All humans and animals have a great beneficial advantage when introducing CBD into their diet and lifestyle. If the right type of oil is given to our canines, it will be generally well-tolerated. 

When we say the ‘right kind’, what we mean is, if it is pure, and without THC, then it will be non-toxic, and because there are no side effects of ingesting it, there is a minimal to none chance of overdosing them with it. However, it is safe to say that you should always follow the correct dosage instructions on the packaging, not more.

Precaution must always be taken when combining any two distinct substances. At times, the CBD and certain types of antibiotics can interact in their system, primarily their ‘cytochrome P450’ system.

The Cytochrome P450 System

The more scientific explanation of this system is that it is a group of enzymes that are found in the lipid bilayer a mammal ‘endoplasmic reticulum of hepatocytes.’ It is one of the many parts that are responsible for the metabolizing of drugs such as antibiotics. These enzymes are typically found in liver cells but can travel to other parts of the body. 

It is also responsible for detoxifying the body of any alien substances. This is how it works: Understanding how the P450 system and CBD work when coupled together, is the first step to knowing whether to give some to your pet or not.

CBD Oil For Dogs

Collaboration of Antibiotics and CBD in Dogs

Sometimes medications have known to reflect adverse effects, this is inevitable when trying to fight harmful toxins in the body. When you introduce CBD to a system that is already on antibiotics, it slows down the overall process. This means that the active ingredients that are in the medication stay in their body longer.

Simply put, it is not harmful to add CBD to the mix, however must be done cautiously. Because it may prolong the side-effects of the antibiotics, if the medication that the dog is already on, has adverse side effects, it is best not to give him the oil as well. However, if there are no side effects, then it is considered safe. The last thing you want to do is to keep them in a phase of discomfort any longer than is necessary.

The best thing to do when your canine is on meds is to speak to your vet and be open about it, if you can continue to give them cbd for dogs or if you should wait till the full effects of the medication wear out. Many medical professionals can give you the best advice before you decide to take any measures.

Sometimes the side effects can be mild, but other times they may make your furry feel nauseous, or weak, or even give them diarrhoea, which would not be the best thing for them. Waiting till their medication cycle is over and there is none left in their body, then giving them CBD is the more logical action to take. 

CBD can alter the course of treatment in some cases and although it is highly beneficial for treating a lot of different things such as stress, anxiety, aggression, seizures, diarrhoea, chronic pain, depression and many other conditions, it is best to wait until their internal system is completely clean of any outside substances, so that the cannabidiol can work on its won without hindering or being hindered by other chemicals. 

When it comes time to give them the CBD, always make sure you give them the purest forms which are organic and ethically produced. Looking after your dog should be done as carefully as you would look after yourself and your children.  



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