Actor Octavio Ocaña

Actor Octavio Ocaña

What happened to Actor Octavio Ocaña? Octavio, a popular Mexican actor, known for his role as Benito Rivers in the television series Necinos, has died. The young actor died from a headshot wound on Friday, October 29, 2021. Octavio died as a result of the gunshot wounds he received. According to the first Mexican media reports, the 22-year-old actor got assassinated. It got reported that Octavio was driving a jeep on a highway near the Cuautitlan Izcalli municipality in the State of Mexico when the incident occurred, and other people accompanied him.

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico also confirmed the news (FGJEM). According to them, Octavio Ocaña died on the Chamapa-Lecheria highway. According to Reforma, the FGJEM informed them that Octavio died after being shot and that his lifeless body was discovered inside the jeep he was driving. He died at the height of Colonia Prados Iztacala, which is located in the Municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza. The actor and two others were driving through the streets of Cuautitlan Izcalli.

What Happened to Octavio?

According to Reform Agency reports, Octavio fled when agents stopped him after suspecting him. He did not, however, stop and continue driving. Later, the actor collided with his vehicle. The two people with the late actor said they had known the driver for a long time and had been drinking with him for the past few days. According to the testimonies obtained from the two people, when the driver was carrying a firearm, and police officers followed the van to arrest him, he accelerated even more and attempted to flee the scene.

What Happened to Octavio?

Octavio lost control of the van during the chase, and it crashed on the side of the road. He died inside the van with a gunshot wound to the head. The police officers apprehended the other two individuals. Furthermore, it established that neither the officers nor the actor fired a single shot at each other. Following the announcement of his death, netizens began to express their condolences. People have paid him tributes and expressed their sorrow over his untimely death.

He died when he was just 22 years old. Your portrayal of Benito Rivers was one of the most well-known roles in his brief career, which began in 2005 and lasted until his death, so his death shocked Mexico.

Family members of the young actor have held a press conference to discuss their new strategy in the case, which includes hiring new lawyers with a humanitarian perspective to figure out what happened to Octavio Ocaña. What stood out in his remarks was what happened to beloved Benito’s companions and the role they’ll play in the research.

Two men accompanied Octavio.

They will come out on the day of his death to give their version of events as part of the investigations and will play a key role in determining what happened to the remembered person. “Everything will get remembered, and they will reconsider.” They haven’t remembered; they haven’t remembered. It’s that living in such a situation, as I understand it, they were being persecuted, they lived it in their flesh, and they’re scared and threatened? “They didn’t want to admit it to me,” Pérez said in a press conference with Mexican journalists.

Two men accompanied Octavio.

For his admiration of the late Octavio and for “the one who has me,” he added that he is confident that “in due course, they will talk.” “But I can tell you that they will be a key piece in this, and the most recent version will be theirs; they will say things the way they have said, as they have lived them.” They’re going to talk; it’s safe,” explained the patriarch. The late actor’s girlfriend refuted the claims after reports that Nerea Godinez and his young son Andrés were the universal heirs to Octavio Ocaña’s fortune.

Biography of Octavio Ocana

Octavio Ocana was a well-known American actor. Gaspar has a net worth of $2 million as the lead character in the film Amor Letra Por Letra. At the age of 22, he appeared to be interested in new projects, and perhaps he will become a millionaire in the coming years, but we are saddened to have lost such a gifted performer so suddenly. Nonetheless, we are proud of him for amassing such a large following and landing a contract at 22.

Early Years & Professional Career

On November 7, 1998, he was born in Mexico. Octavio Ocana was born and raised in Pachuca, Mexico. His full name is Octavio Augusto Pérez Ocaña. He played a role in the TV show Vecinos as Benito. Ana Lucia and Octavio Perez were his parents’ names. His favorite pastime was traveling, and he was a devout Christian. His zodiac sign was Scorpio, and he’d always wanted to be famous since he was a child.

Early Years & Professional Career

After playing Benito Rivers in the television series Vecinos, he rose to prominence. The young Ocana and Omar Chaparro collaborated in the film El Gato Chido. In the telenovela Lola Rize Una Vez, Octavio played Otto von Ferdinand.

His first television appearance was on Chiquillos y Chiquillas, which was fantastic. Octavio Ocana was a well-known actor who appeared on television. He was Mexico’s wealthiest TV actor and the wealthiest person born in November. Only a handful of people achieved such fame and fortune at 20, but Octavio did.

Personal Experiences

Like other educated and well-known people, he keeps his personal life private. Fans are curious about their new relationships, the names of their ladies, and previous encounters. On the other hand, Octavio Ocana never says anything about his personal life or relationship. Admirers assume two media celebrities are dating when photographed having lunch or dinner together, visiting, or romancing.


Octavio Ocana appears stuck in a rut with his co-stars, implying that he hasn’t interacted with anyone. It’s also possible that he doesn’t want others to be aware of his private life.

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Octavio Ocaña portrayed Benito Rivers in the series for 16 years. That is why he was popular in Pachuca, Mexico, as well as in the rest of Mexico and the world. Even so, Mexico and all TV fans were in shock when Octavio’s death happened on October 30, 2021. It was all about Actor Octavio Ocaña.


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