6 Types Of MDF Skirting Boards


Skirting boards are the cramped length of planks placed at the base of the wall in a room, making a margin between the floor and the wall. These board designs are popular and available both offline and online. You can buy architrave from mdfskirtingworld.co.uk  for better quality.

You may have noticed in some places that there is a boundary between the ground and the walls or skirting; these boards not only give an appealing look but also protect the surface and intersections. Therefore, choosing good and correct essentials and designs is necessary when your house is being constructed or renovated. But, first, one must select the best skirting board that suits them and their house. 

There are many options of MDF skirting planks available. Here are some of them:

Bullnose Board

The most famous pattern of skirting is bullnose, also known as Pencil Round Skirting. It is not embellishing; according to some people, it looks monotonous or dull. It has only one characteristic: a radius of around 10mm, which makes a circle on the top edge.

Because there is only one board’s feature, it goes with every interior and also maintains the attraction of the other elements in the room. In addition, the subtle pattern of this board is easy to preserve and very simple to clean as dust doesn’t retain on the board. It is the preference of many carpenters as painting the plank is not hard.

Chamfer Round Skirting Board

Just like the name of the design, it is chamfer in shape which means a symmetrical inclined surface at the corner and circular on the top. This design is famous as it is a typical pattern that is available almost everywhere.

330 MDF Skirting Boards

If you want the panels to look a bit traditional and classy, 330 MDF boards are the right choice for you. The appealing element of this panel is that it has “S-shaped” curves and a radius of 54mm. It has a conservative pattern, so this looks best in a traditional setup, but if you want a fusion, it can blend with the modern ones too.


Georgian MDF Skirting Boards

It has many curves in the correct place that look pretty and traditional. People who are fond of old or primitive interiors prefer these skirting planks. The style of the board looks like it has been preserved from the past era.

Ovolo Board

 This design or type of board is mainly seen and found in homes in the UK. It resembles the pattern of Lambs Tongue variety of skirting; it has also been popular in the market for many years. The set-up of ovolo boards is effortless, and dust doesn’t retain on the surface of the plank.

It is used in modern interiors of houses and showrooms because of its subtle and non-complicated shape and size.

324 MDF Skirting Board

The design of this skirting is very much identical to the Torus pattern, but it has a special touch that makes it different and more noticeable. The curves are also the same as the torus, but it has a spoon-like section added at the top. 324 skirting boards are one of the best sellers of all.



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