5 Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Electrical System

5 mistake of electrical system

Knowing how to properly perform monthly electrical system maintenance is crucial when owning a home, but it’s a task that even the most diligent homeowner may neglect. Faulty electrical systems can lead to safety issues for you and your family and will also have a negative effect on the value of your home—losing money rather than saving it.

5 Mistakes in Electrical System

Here are five mistakes homeowners make with their electrical system:

Overloading Electrical Outlets

If you are like most people, you plug multiple devices into a single electrical outlet—especially around the holidays. And it is very common to overload outlets by connecting/plugging in more than a few items. This can create a dangerous hazard and can easily lead to a fire. 

With the amount of electrical equipment you use every day, it’s really important to make sure you have enough outlets in your home, and right where you need them.

Leaving Wires and Cables Exposed

Dangerous electric wires and cables can be a tripping hazard for your family. These hazards can potentially cause injury or worse. Securing wires and cables to the wall will create a professional-looking, safe environment for you and your family. You can even color-code your wiring to keep it looking neat and easy to manage.

Buying Incorrect Light Bulbs

Another one of the most common mistakes homeowners make is buying the wrong LED or CFL light bulbs for their homes. Installing the wrong light bulb can damage your electrical system or even cause a fire.

When buying light bulbs for your home, you have many choices. Make sure you buy the correct wattage and base (screw-in or bayonet) type so everything fits, and that your light bulb gives off the right amount of light to illuminate every corner of your room.

Not Using Outlet Covers

An electrical cover is a safety measure that could save your life. Should your home or business experience a surge, an electrical cover will redirect the extra power to safe ground. New outlet covers are available to help prevent accidental shock or electrocution by children and pets. These outlet covers will not only help prevent electrical fires but are also easy to install.

Doing a DIY Electrical Repair

Some homeowners try to save money by performing a do-it-yourself (DIY) electrical repair. Electrical repairs are dangerous, and should always be performed by qualified professionals. Attempting to repair electrical systems on your own can cause serious injury or death. Some examples of real injury cases include severe burns and electrocution.

Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional San Diego electrician can help minimize your risk of injury and might ensure the proper functionality of your electrical system. A trained professional will understand the code requirements applicable to your project and ensure that all necessary permits have been obtained. By hiring an electrician, you’ll receive expert knowledge, skills, and experience from an expert in the field.


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