5 Entertaining Anti-stress Hobbies for Adults

Anti-stress Hobbies

Our lives are full of lots of moments, like work, home, kids, finances. As a result, we want to stop for a minute and devote time to ourselves. Of course, it’s possible to find entertainment online, like gambling at tonybet.com or watching Netflix. However, sometimes you need to be offline. Here are 5 entertaining anti-stress hobbies and activities for adults that will help you relax at the end of the day.

Painting by Number- Anti-stress Hobbies

Coloring by number is an exciting hobby that helps create your own masterpiece, even for those who do not have the skills of an artist. The canvas is marked with an outline of the painting and each area has its own number corresponding to the number of the container with paint. Color in each area with its own color and the picture is ready.

To choose a painting by numbers that suits you, look at its size and complexity of the pattern. A painting with a lot of small elements will be difficult for a beginner to paint, so it is better to start with simple still lifes and gradually move to more complex images.


With puzzles, children develop spatial thinking and logic, and adults relieve stress and have a good time. Assemble a picture from different parts and decorate the interior with it – an activity that is interesting at any age. Moreover, the variety of puzzles allows you to pick up a picture and complexity to your liking. 

Pay attention to the number of pieces when buying a puzzle: the best option for adults and teens is 500-1000 pieces or more. For “advanced” users, sets consisting of 4000-10000 elements, will be great. 

Besides standard cardboard puzzles, manufacturers produce original puzzles made of wood. Each detail in them is made by an individual design, for example, in the form of a flower, a rabbit, a shell. These parts are assembled from a whole picture-image. 

Wooden Constructors

All parts in such construction sets are pre-cut on a thin plywood. Take them out, stitch them together as shown in the instructions. When creating a model does not need glue or additional tools. 

If you never collected a similar construction set, start with simple models of architectural structures. If you already have experience, look at models of transport series or structures with moving parts.

You can paint the assembled model with acrylic paint – so the miniature becomes brighter, and you get fun from creativity. 

Kendamas- Anti-stress Hobbies

Kendama is a popular activity in Japan for developing reaction speed/, dexterity, and coordination. The toy is a handle with a ball attached to it. Your task is to catch the ball in one of the grooves or on a special spike on the handle. It is not as easy as it seems at first sight. The toy can captivate both adults and children for hours.

Kendamas are made of different materials. The most reliable kendamas are made from different types of wood.

Metal Puzzles

Metal puzzles help to spend time usefully and develop attention and creative thinking. The puzzle pieces are woven into fancy shapes and knots. Your task is to figure out how to disconnect the puzzle pieces and then put them back together again. Some puzzles will require a lot of thinking, because they have different levels of difficulty.


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