10 Best Wedding Shower Ideas for Jack and Jill Couples


Throwing a Jack and Jill shower, also known as a couple’s shower, has grown in popularity over the last decade. It’s a wedding shower attended by both the bride and groom, which defies convention. It’s essentially a bridal shower for the couple.

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  1. 1. Have a theme

Jack and Jill showers still have a party theme, which can range from a fiesta to backyard BBQs or game night. “When planning one, it’s best to first consider who might be hosting and what they plan to take off for the event,” Kelly advises.

  1. 2. Plan a specific time

Plan the party’s time of day: brunch, lunch, mid-afternoon, early evening, dinner, or late-night event. ” This will assist you in deciding on the appropriate food and beverages for that time period,” Kelly suggests.

“Unless you don’t mind guests staying late at the event location,” Kelly suggests, “we do recommend including an ending time on the invite.”

  1. 3. Add color and texture to the menu

This particular party, for example, had individual cakes in various shades of pink and blue for the ladies and gentlemen!

If the couple met at a baseball game, a baseball theme for their party would be extra fun. Make sure the theme is related to something they enjoy or a shared hobby.

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  1. 4. Have lots of fresh flowers

You want the party to be bright and happy. So, just as you would include flowers in a wedding ceremony, keep in mind that flowers remind guests that there is a lovely reason to celebrate.

It may appear to be a bizarre concept, but believe it or not, it is quite popular. And, if you want to host a wedding shower where both the newlyweds will be present, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. 5. Include fun favors

Isn’t it a shower? Soap party favors, anyone? That adds to the concept and is a cute idea. Furthermore, everyone, we hope, needs to use soap.

  1. 6. Make it a fiesta

It’s a party, so go for something bright and exotic, like this fiesta cake. Colors and interests that work for the couple should be incorporated. Perhaps they met at a Mexican restaurant over margaritas.

  1. 7. Have animals come play

Having the party at a farm or animal sanctuary can be educational, fun, and result in a lot of great photos, whether they are animal lovers or just want to do something different.

  1. 8.Take it to the water

A party on a boat is a great idea if you’re celebrating during the summer or anywhere where the weather is nice enough to be outside. It’s beautiful and allows for a variety of settings as the boat floats out to sea.

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Find a way to let your visitors know they’ve arrived at the right place. After the event, the board or sign can serve as a fun keepsake to remember your day.

  1. 9. Add lots of pink

Yes, it’s a Jack and Jill shower, but it’s also love and romantic celebration. So don’t be afraid to go all out with the pink and sparkle.

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  1. 10. Send your guests home with something sweet

A cookie is a delicious way for your guests to end the day on a sweet note and to have something to snack on on the way home.

However, if you don’t mind people hanging around past the designated time, Kelly suggests noting a cutoff time on the invitation.


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