Why Your Growing Business Needs A Managed Dedicated Server?


Modern-day businesses call for Six Sigma Black Belt certification modern solutions. The days are gone when cloud hosting is used to fulfil the demands of your business. With the growing digitalization, you need dedicated hosting in India. To beat the competition, you need a reliable managed dedicated server hosting solution.

Dedicated server hosting is categorized into managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting. People get confused between the two as they are unaware of the difference. No matter what managed dedicated server hosting will always be the superior dedicated server hosting. Managed dedicated server hosting is way better than unmanaged dedicated servers as it takes full care of your website 24*7.

Why do you need a Managed Dedicated Server?

People are seen surfing websites most of the time of the day. The ongoing times are so much profitable for online businesses, but you need a managed dedicated server to gear up. Managed dedicated server is the solution to all the challenges that a growing business has to face.

We will be discussing all the reasons to host your website on a managed dedicated server. The outstanding dedication will completely revolutionize the hosting experience forever.

Reasons for Migrating to a Managed Dedicated Server

A managed dedicated server is like a booster for your business planning and growth. With a managed dedicated server by your side, no issues occur that usually occur with shared and cloud servers. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting can also not guarantee such seamless service as managed dedicated hosting in India. Here are the reasons why you should migrate your website to a managed dedicated server hosting plan-

Top-notch Security

None of the other hosting servers can guarantee such top-notch security as a managed dedicated server. A managed dedicated server allows complete access through the server. Your hosting provider gets the authorized access by default. But not all, only the authorized employees of the hosting provider get access to your server management.

Managed dedicated hosting in India is especially the best hosting for companies that have to handle sensitive information of their clients. Government-based entities have to deal with more and more customer-centric details. They always trust the environment of managed dedicated hosting to deal with the plethora of data storage.

Such customer-centric websites deal with large amounts of transactions that are processed through SSL or FTP. Managed dedicated server has the server infrastructure that comprises firewall monitoring to support hefty transactions. It also protects your website from denial of service attacks.

World-class Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, managed dedicated server hosting is the clear winner. It poses no restriction and allows your website to grow within its flexible server environment. They even offer customization within the server management to support all kinds of demands.

Managed dedicated server hosting also allows you to use the software of your choice. Customization settings like setting up the RAM, CPU, and disk space as your business demands.

Maintenance and Support

Taking care of maintenance like software repairs, log file analysis, DNS setup, etc. are the responsibility of your managed dedicated server. The team of experts keeps a check on the server and its operations 24*7. This is to provide you with real-time updates and the changes needed.

The support team is equally involved in the maintenance team. They are responsible for informing the details on time and are reliable enough.  The support team has the expertise and acquire the required training to resolve all server-related queries. The support team deals with-

  • Hardware issues- server deployments, and other setups.
  • Database issues- Database repairs, FTP services, respective upgrades
  • Mailing System issues- upgrading, installing, , POP and IMAP services
  • Framework issues- PHP upgrade, Apache recompilation, etc.

Scalability on your Demand

Businesses do not grow or sustain when there is not enough room to accommodate their demands. Such is not the case with managed dedicated hosting in India. It provides a room to accommodate all the demands of your website.

There is always an additional space to support even the most bizarre needs of your business. The scope of scalability of managed dedicated server hosting is remarkable and ideal to support the unprecedented demands.

You will never have to face a shortage in terms of bandwidth, RAM, etc. Bandwidth and RAM requirements can exceed 15 TB and 15 GB respectively.

Unmatchable Reliability

When you get a quality service, reliability automatically improves. The reliability of a managed dedicated server is the best as it ensures quality data center infrastructure. The infrastructure of a managed server has maximum runtime.

The physical design of the managed server also makes it the most reliable server hosting. A managed dedicated server is specially designed and provides round-the-clock security. Thus, you can rely on a managed dedicated server hosting plan to run all your mission-critical operations.


So, now you have more than enough reasons to migrate your website over a managed dedicated server hosting plan. The costing might be an issue initially, but it will be recovered in no time. Although a managed dedicated server is costlier than the shared, cloud, and unmanaged dedicated server, the services are incomparable.

Hence, do not worry about the cost as once your website is hosted over a managed dedicated server, growth is guaranteed.

Our experts have possible solutions to all your queries. So, don’t forget to drop down your queries and we will get back to you. Finally, you can read more reviews about tech solutions for business and software on bestreviewlist.com or listofreview.com for more useful knowledge for your life.


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