Top Things to Do In Ostrava


In the far eastern part of the country, a little over three hours from Prague, you’ll find a city bursting to the seams with diverse art and live music, striking architecture, fascinating history, and a pulsating pace of life exciting night out. 

Ostrava, in the Czech Republic, may be unknown to you, yet it offers a diverse range of attractions. Being home to such historical gems, this is one of the famous international escapes that travelers love to explore. If you are wondering to go there soon. Without any doubt, start planning, book lot polish airlines reservations in any class, and save up to 50% off on round trips on every flight. To assist you, check out these best things to do in Ostrava that will make your visit more exciting.

On the roof of the New Town Hall is an observation tower.

This type of tourist attraction would not be nearly as interesting if it weren’t for the stunning views it gives. However, the New City Hall’s observation tower has a unique quality. Despite its height of 86 meters, this town hall is still the highest building in the Czech Republic. From the 73-meter-high observation deck, you can take in the sights of Ostrava as a whole. The Beskids and the Upper Silesian plains will also be visible, as will the Hrub Jesenk mountains. To purchase a ticket, all you need is 50 CZK or 1.80 EUR.

Steel fortress Doln Vtkovice in Ostrava

A full day can be filled with unforgettable recollections at Doln’ Vtkovice, a restored old steelworks, and coal mining complex in the center of downtown Ostrava. Explore Ostrava’s industrial past and see a gasometer that has been transformed into a multifunctional theatre known as the GONG during your visit. 

The Landek Park and the Michal Mine are also nearby.

Because Ostrava’s past is entwined with the mining and steel industries, the city has a number of historic industrial sites to view. Taking a tour of a coal mine may not be your idea of fun, but you’d be amazed by what you find. There is no other museum of its kind in the Czech Republic like the Landek Park Mining Museum. 

A little bit of communist kitsch makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the industrial era. You’ll begin the tour of an ancient mine by riding a cage down an old building into an extraction hole in order to get to the top galleries of the mining facility. Make yourself more at ease in the world of children and adolescents with the aid of the following resources:

Park Komenského Sady in Prague

Next to the New Town Hall, along the Ostravice River, lies a wonderful park named Komenského sady. If you’re looking for a place to relax, have a picnic, or just get some fresh air, this is the place for you. Neighborhood residents come out in their droves to jog or cycle, rollerblade, or simply wander the area on the weekends. You can get a hot dog, a cold beer, or some other beverage from one of the many food stands. This place, just a short drive from downtown, is well-known for its tranquility.

The museums in Ostrava

In addition to the museums mentioned above, there are a number of other museums in Ostrava worth visiting. You won’t be disappointed by the Ostrava Brewery Museum. Think about the fact that we’re now on a beer-drinking vacation in the Czech Republic. This brewery, which dates back to 1842, is still employing the traditional bottom fermentation method to make the local mousse. Toward the end of the tour, you’ll be able to try some of the local beer.

“Colours of Ostrava” Festival

Families are encouraged to participate in the annual Colors of Ostrava Festival, which takes place in mid-July. Music, poetry, and theatre performances are all part of the cultural offerings. Rock, jazz, techno, and world music artists are among those who will be performing at this festival, which takes place in Doln’ Vtkovice, former blast furnaces, mining, and ironworks site that lends a unique ambiance to the performances.

The nightlife in Ostrava

At all times, Stodolny Street is the center of attention. In the Czech Republic, this is the most well-known (and infamous) street since it is a non-stop party district. As many as sixty nightclubs and martini bars are available here. On your way out of Ostrava, make a pit stop in this part of town because everything is so condensed. If you stay in Ostrava instead of Prague, you won’t have to deal with the hen and stag parties that may often make it difficult to get around the city. Remember where your hotel is when it’s time to get some shuteye!


With its proximity to Poland (Krakow is only 2 hours and 30 minutes away by vehicle), Ostrava isn’t the most attractive city in the Czech Republic, but it’s well worth a weekend visit to see what the city has to offer visitors. Krakow is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive away. So, what are you thinking about? Book your trip with AirlinesMap and customize your Europe holiday package on your own for a hassle-free trip. Happy Tripping..!



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