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Fall is finally here! Nothing is better than a nice warm and cozy fire in your own backyard during a chilly fall day. So in this case every one want to keep Fire Wood Holder organized.

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Heavy-Duty Outdoor Fire wood Rack that is Adjustable, Made of Steel, and Has a Water-Resistant Cover

A wonderful bargain, a rain cover, and heavy duty. The only drawback is that it’s just a little bit too broad for the store-bought, commercially packaged firewood. A 4′ x 16″ wire closet shelf from Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Walmart, along with a few zip ties, may be quickly fixed for ten dollars. The shelf will fit perfectly after having around 2 or 3 inches removed from one end.

For my circumstances, this is ideal. I appreciate where the Velcro is placed since it provides covering and flexibility as the wood pile changes in size.

For a tiny wood pile, it looks fantastic and performs wonderfully. We needed it since we could hear the beetle larvae chewing noisily on our wood pile, which is unnerving. This was great because we needed to transport the wood away from our house and didn’t have a wood holder.

So you’re on a diet, but you have no idea how many ounces are in a pound. No problem! You can find out all of this and more with this infographic that breaks down the weight conversions by nationality.

Arrived on time and according to plan. simple to construct It appears to be robust enough and can simply be filled with wood. I hope it will last, but only time will tell. The only little difficulty was that the directions called for extra washers that weren’t in the bag of parts, but even so, the final product is stylish!



Black Stove Wrought Iron Large Logs Bin Fireplace Tools Set Tongs Accessories Firewood Rack Indoor Wood Holders Fireplace Outdoor Log Holder Rack Lumber Storage Stacking

This set is excellent. It took around 5 minutes to assemble the rack. Without taking up a lot of floor space, it can contain a significant amount of wood. We use a significant quantity every day because we live in New England and keep the wood burner on all day in the winter. A whole day’s worth of flames may be contained there. Furthermore, it is strong enough to allow you to pile the wood a bit higher if you choose. The 2 inch space underneath the bottom rack is just big enough to store five or six of the little fire starter logs. Additionally, the equipment is robust and can handle even the biggest and heaviest pieces of wood, which is convenient.

In light of the fact that our new home has a wood burning fireplace, I really purchased something for it. The weight of it astonished me much. Both easy to assemble and highly durable. I always have approximately 20 split pieces on it. The broom, shovel, and other tool racks are also excellent.

I adore the way this fireplace rack looks and how sturdy it is. It was simple to put together and delivered precisely as promised. both sturdy and attractive. I only got it a week or two ago, so I can’t yet comment on how durable it is. Easy to put together, looks nice, contains more wood than I anticipated, and the tools appear to be of high weight and quality.


40-Inch Tubular Steel Log Hoop by Panacea 15209

I bought two so I could have enough firewood inside the home to last, if necessary, a weekend. They are somewhat larger than I had anticipated, and they perfectly suit the space, which pleased me. While constructing, I was perplexed by the fact that one of the screws was slightly too thick to fit any of the holes, and I wasn’t satisfied that Amazon didn’t offer any assistance. When I was able, I just took one of what I wanted to a hardware shop and bought what they had—only silver, but that’s okay because it’s essentially invisible. A little difficult to put together, but it could be me. I’m happy I purchased these. They carry a nice quantity of wood and look better than imagined. I use the lower part that’s outside of the circle for thinner pieces, kindling-like.

Although it is a trendy and attractive object, like the majority of other log storage on the market, it is limited by its inability to accommodate logs of shorter lengths. Because of the bottom gap’s excessive width, smaller logs might easily fall through. In order to prevent shorter logs from falling out, I had to wrap a strong plastic netting over the bottom part of the loop. However, when full, it does look excellent.

The construction required some dexterity, and the holes at the top of the loop weren’t aligned properly, preventing the bolt from passing through. To pull the top together, I had to improvise and use a little piece of wire wrapped around.

Beautiful firewood display that is both practical and different from the typical firewood containers. Although we have it in our living area and enjoy it, I think this piece is intended for outside use. We were a little concerned while putting it together since it didn’t appear very durable, as others have commented, but after using it for a few weeks, we can say that it is sturdy and holds up well. To give you a sense of the size next to our sizable wood stove, I’ve provided a picture.


Black 8-foot Heavy-Duty Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Storage Log Rack Set

This rack was simple to put together and is good and robust. Thank god, it didn’t bend at all when my spouse bounced a bit while standing on the lowest rung. It can fit a sizable amount of wood. However, I think the cover is the greatest part. It includes a very thick fabric that is waterproof, strong nylon zippers, and velcro tabs to keep up the flap if you just wish to open one side of the bag. Even though we haven’t used them, it includes clips at the bottom to hold it in place in extremely windy weather. I’m overjoyed with this!

This was simple to put together, light weight (so it was easy to transport), and robust when filled with logs. Like other critics, I find the cover to be extremely impressive (although not a big fan of the large white logo on the side). After setting up the first, we actually made a second purchase and are quite happy with it.

After setting up the first, we actually made a second purchase and are quite happy with it. It just takes 15 minutes to set together and is quite strong and simple to place. Tarp is incredibly strong and simple to cover. going well thus far. The cover and frame are both of high calibre.


Black 90144MI Firewood Rack System from 2×4 Basics

Created a four-foot rack that was around middle length. It’s AWESOME! I’ve placed a second order.

With the help of the three 2 x 4s, as per the instructions, the foundation platform of the rack becomes VERY strong. Even though it wasn’t necessary, I used the screws provided to assemble the rack by hand without the use of a power screwdriver. I did, however, drill pilot holes for all of the screws before doing so.

By using four additional wood screws that I manufactured myself, each double the length of the ones that were provided, to face-screw the base of each upright into the end-grain of the outer 2 x 4s of the base platform, I was able to make the upright 2 x 4s even more firmly attached. Now, VERY durable! It may have been OK without doing this, but when it’s all said and done, the assembly DOES seem a little more rock-steady.

I built the uprights a little bit taller than what the instructions called for, making them 38 inches high rather than simply 32.

The Instructions are pretty good: just decide on a size you want the rack to be, of the several sizes shown, and follow the column downward to read the measurements of lengths of 2 x 4 to cut. In an hour, you’ll be done, and mighty pleased!



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