How to Obtain a License from the Oklahoma Construction Industry Board for Construction Work


The importance of adequately organizing processes cannot be underestimated. This is especially true for buildings. First, people will use the buildings. In addition, during the construction process, many regulations and recommendations must be followed. In Oklahoma, this is done by the Oklahoma Construction Industry Board. Let’s determine what role this control played in ensuring optimal safety conditions.


As the name suggests, this organization monitors the corresponding area. The Construction Industry Board ensures that companies respect workers’ rights and safety regulations and cause minimal ecological harm. In this way, the authority protects both companies and consumers. The OCIB has several areas of work:

  • They allow only companies and contractors with the necessary certificates and qualifications to carry out construction work. The body issues licenses for various construction types and monitors performers’ competence.
  • It is ensuring the quality of construction work. OCIB monitors compliance with standards and checks the quality of the building. It allows us to prevent tragic consequences and provide consumers with only reliable buildings.
  • The authority monitors compliance with environmental protection measures. Companies and contractors must only use certified equipment and work methods. It also monitors construction companies’ ecological footprints.

Thus, this organization’s range of responsibilities is quite broad. However, all of them are directly or indirectly related to ensuring the safest and most properly organized construction work.

Construction Company Licensing

If you decide to erect buildings, you must fulfill several requirements. First, only a registered legal entity can engage in such activities in Oklahoma. This process takes some time, but it is accessible to almost everyone. There are no significant restrictions for registering a company in this state.

You will also need to provide OCIB with your workers’ compliance certificates. It is possible to conduct construction work in Oklahoma by confirming employee qualifications.

You should also consider several types of licenses in the state. They depend on the type of construction you plan to do. You cannot build infrastructure or commercial properties without permission for residential buildings. Therefore, you need to decide in advance on the direction of your activity.

In general, obtaining a license is relatively easy. You submit a package of documents to OCIB, pay the state fee, and wait for approval. After this, the body will review your application and make a decision.

Contractor Licensing

OCIB pays special attention to issuing permits to companies and contractors. It is easily explained because choosing conscientious builders is the first step towards safe and high-quality construction. The authority has several requirements for obtaining permits. However, they differ depending on the specifics of the work. Next, we will look at the main types of licenses.

Nonresident Contractor License

Contractors registered because of their condition must register and obtain an employer identification number with the Oklahoma Tax Commission and the Oklahoma Emergency Reserve.

In addition, nonresident contractors must link Oklahoma nonresident contractor bonds to a state that triples the tax contracts of the contractors they will hire to work in Oklahoma. For projects costing more than $100,000, the final deposit must be 10% of the project cost.

Electrician’s license

The Oklahoma Building Trades Council must license electricians in the state. They must meet the following requirements:

  • Proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • $5,000 Contractor’s License Deposit
  • $50,000 Liability Insurance
  • Proof of successful completion of the Electrical Contractor Examination (after five years of professional experience)

Plumber’s license

The Oklahoma Building Industry Council must also license Oklahoma plumbers. To qualify, they must pass a plumber’s exam. A prerequisite for this is four years of work experience. To become a journeyman, you must have three years of work experience before taking the exam.

Mechanical Contractor License

HVAC technicians in Oklahoma must obtain a mechanical contractor’s license from the same board as electricians and plumbers. They must pass a professional exam after four years of experience, and the journeyman examination requires three years of experience. A regular license costs $225, and an apprentice license costs $75.

Roofing Contractor License

Roofing contractors are also required to register with the Council. The license fee is $300. You must also meet several licensing criteria. The most essential thing is to have a certificate for this type of work. Uncertified workers can’t participate in work on the roof.


Oklahoma is a great place to start a construction business. However, you need a license. It is an essential step to starting successful activities in this field. The license confirms the company’s compliance with all legal requirements and gives it the right to construct different buildings and other infrastructure objects. The obtaining process is relatively simple. However, the company must meet all established criteria. OCIB closely monitors compliance with standards and requirements. It leads to improved building quality and helps improve the state’s ecological situation. 


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