How to Create the Perfect Facebook Business Page [Complete Guide]

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Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion in the water coolers that followers on facebook has been deleting the likes created by accounts that have been inactive for a while.The rumour has a lot in common with the long-running Facebook fake that claimed the social network was planning to delete inactive users unless they liked, shared, or liked certain statuses or here

What is this saying to you and your Facebook Business Page?

According to Facebook, it has two primary advantages to the removal of memorialized and deactivated accounts that are voluntarily removed Facebook accounts from the like count of Pages:

  • Results for business: removing inactive profiles from Page audience statistics offers businesses current information about those who are active on the business’s Facebook Business Page and makes it easier for businesses to locate those similar to their fans using tools like lookalike audience.
  • Consistency: We filter out comments and likes made by memorialized or deactivated accounts from the individual page posts, and this update will ensure that data is constant.

What’s the main point?

In the event of an announcement by Facebook, companies (not individuals) could see a drop in likes on pages (not friends) because Facebook eliminates accounts that are no longer active or memorialized across its network.

Everyone can benefit from the quality of the information found on Facebook. We hope this update will make Pages much more helpful to businesses.

Since you’re not able to attribute your traffic deficiency to Facebook policy, how could you be doing to improve click-throughs?

If you’re looking to increase traffic for the Facebook Business Page, focus on gaining more likes and shares, isn’t it? Even though that’s the case (Snopes cannot refute that) but it’s not the sole method of generating more traffic. Here are nine thought-provoking questions to help bring more people to your to get followers on facebook free

1. What’s the best length for the Facebook posts you share?

  • (a) Below 80 characters
  • (b) Over 80+ words
  • (c) over 100 characters

According to a study by TrackMaven, posts with more than 80 words receive twice the amount of engagement. 

Although this doesn’t indicate that every post posted must be a novel, it is clear that updates that need it must include the language of context — Facebook users love to read!


2. Why do we limit link titles to 100 characters?

When you upload an image straight to the News Feed, if the initial post has a long title, select the title to change it. Anything over 100 characters will be cut off when you post it on your Business Page. 

You don’t want the message to vanish because of it!

3. What’s wrong with the punctuation @#$!?

Based on this same TrackMaven study that was released on HubSpotBlogs,

Use hashtags (#) get 60% more engagements on average

Posts that contain exclamation marks (!) check out 2.7 percent more interactions per day on average

Posts that pose inquiries (?) can get 23% more engagement on average

4. Don’t forget to mention the snarky emoticons. Are they worth the effort? You bet!

Based on the AMEX Open Forum study, emoticons can lead to different results on Facebook:

  • Posts that contain emoticons have a 33% more shares rate
  • Posts with emoticons get an increase of 33% in the comment rate
  • Posts with emoticons get an increase of 57% at a similar rate

5. Do you realize that the images on your wall can be clicked on?

It’s true! It’s a good idea to choose images that include an action call to action rather than one that appears to be an ordinary image. According to the online retail store Dollar Shave Club,

After a 3-week trial, the Sign-Up call-to-action button achieved a 2.5x greater conversion rate than similar social media ads designed to increase new users to sign up. 

At present, there are seven calls to action for action on Facebook pages for businesses:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

The Call-to-Action button might look like on your website (Facebook offers statistics in the sidebar on how many people click on the button).read more

6. How many posts on Facebook per week are considered too many? What is the point at which your posting frequency affects the number of clicks you bring in?

From our article on the Unscientific Guide for determining the best times to post on Facebook:

The most effective frequency for posting KISSmetrics data suggests that .5 daily posts (1 posting every two days) will receive the highest amount of likes on Facebook.

Best Engagement Facts:

86 percent of posts are publish during the week during work hours, with the highest engagement occurring on Thursday and Friday.

Engagement rates are 3.5 percent below the average for posts posted between Monday and Wednesday

“Happiness Index” on Facebook “Happiness Index” spikes 10 percent on Friday

7. What is Engagement on Facebook Business Page?

Someone comments on your wall.

  • (a) As in the comments
  • (b) Eliminate the comment
  • (c) React to the observation

According to research done by independent researcher Neil Patel, responding to each comment has an enormous influence on how many clicks. Status updates that included responses had 9% more clicks.

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