How to boost interactivity at a hybrid conference

hybrid conference

Are you looking to expand your audience reach and grow your business? If your answer is yes, hybrid events can be an ideal option for you. A hybrid event or conference is a gathering of attendees in a virtual and physical environment.

It is hosted in a physical environment with virtual components. Many event organizers host hybrid conferences for attendees who can’t join the in-person conference due to any reason. Event organizers use hybrid conference platforms in order to bring both virtual and live participants in a single frame, at the same time. This type of event allows participants to interact with each other, share knowledge and ask questions.

Audience engagement and interactivity are the essential components of a successful hybrid event. In reality, audience engagement—where you give attendees the opportunity to connect with your business and communicate with one another—is the key to the success of all events, whether they take place in person or online. Starting with a strong hybrid meeting platform that can connect your presenters and attendees with fun features is the first step in making conferences more interactive.

Want to improve the interactivity at a hybrid event? If yes, you are in the right place. In this session, you will find the best tips that will help you to boost the engagement rate and make your event more interactive.

Tips to make your hybrid event more interactive

Virtual booths

It is not appropriate to leave sponsorship and exhibition to the in-person attendees only. Virtual participants should also have the chance to interact with sponsors online and take advantage of their offerings. Online gathering places for event partners and virtual participants are called virtual booths. With the hybrid event software, vendors can showcase their services, product, and solutions to potential customers within the online audience. So online participant involvement can be increased through virtual booths.

Live Q&A

Remember that one of the key benefits of attending hybrid conferences is the chance to ask questions and get answers from professionals. Participants can pose queries both before and during a live conference using Live Q&A. You have more opportunities to interact with both audiences and keep track of the conversation if your in-person participant chooses to submit questions using the event platform instead of speaking up in person.

Use polls

in real-time, this feature offers streamlined participant interactions. Additionally, polling enables the audience to direct panel discussions with their preferred subjects. Simple polling options include rating options and single or multiple-choice questions.

Think of launching a poll within a short time, enticing respondents to respond before the poll closes. To actively keep your audience interested, try to survey them around every 15 minutes. Your live audience can participate in polls in real-time alongside virtual attendees who are taking them on desktops using your event software. This improves the polling results for your event.

Multi-lingual rooms

The creation of a number of virtual rooms, each in a different language, is another method to encourage engagement. It is simple to set up different rooms on a hybrid conferencing platform so that attendees can view slides and listen to streamed audio in their local language at the same time.

Conduct engaging quizzes

Everybody enjoys a good test. By employing this tactic, you can encourage engagement by tapping into the participants’ natural competitiveness. There are countless alternatives for different quizzes. You can host trivia about your company, its products, and its solutions to encourage conversation at your hybrid conference. Just keep in mind to properly craft questions so that solutions cannot be quickly searched for or accessed on Google to maintain interest.

Breakout sessions

Small groups of participants might get together during breakout sessions to talk about certain event points. With the use of a virtual event platform, they may be made both digitally and physically. By pairing individuals with related interests, participant matching enables you to guarantee compatibility throughout both online and in-person breakout sessions. Attendees from a distance can enter their own personal video chat room. To enhance virtual participation activities during a presentation, try to schedule many breakout sessions.

Provide content on demand

Attendees who participate online run the risk of missing out on some portion of offline events. To overcome this, you can develop content specifically for them. Offer privileged interviews with leading business figures, pre-recorded content, or thought discussions (leadership-based panel), This implies that even if they might miss out on certain in-person elements, online participants can still access information at their convenience.


By offering networking possibilities, whether that be through personal messages, scheduling small group meetings, one-on-one meetings, access to public profiles, or live chat, you may encourage members to engage with one another in significant ways.

Participants in physical space can network at coffee breaks. Plan virtual hangouts for participants who will only be present virtually utilizing the hybrid events platform’s features. You may enhance the interaction and engagement of your hybrid conference by providing a networking opportunity.


A little friendly competition among the attendees is the best option to promote networking, get the online chat going, and bring people together. When you gamify your event, both physical and virtual guests will find it more enjoyable and competitive. To encourage friendly rivalry among your attendees, use activity challenges. Give your viewers points to encourage participation in contests.

Use an event moderator

To oversee the Q&A or conversations while event organizers are presenting, an event moderator can play an essential role. Using the hybrid event platform, the moderator can screen questions and directly pass them to speakers, or they can respond directly. Informing attendees about breakout sessions and other event activities can fall under the responsibility of the event moderator. The audience will remain interested if there is interaction with them on the web platform.


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