How many locations can you add on Google Maps?

add on Google Maps

Whether you’d like to locate a specific location or track your local business demographic, mapping software can offer valuable information. Unfortunately, when it comes to Google Maps, those needing many locations can pose challenges. That’s because Google Maps currently provides limited capabilities for mapping multiple addresses. Currently, the maximum limit is ten separate locations within a single map on the platform.

Mapping software is a valuable tool for any company to develop a competitive advantage over their competition. The software helps businesses understand their consumer data from a geographical perspective, highlighting trends that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. While the native platform can only handle ten locations simultaneously, outside software programs work with Google Maps to alleviate these restrictions.

For businesses wanting to plot multiple locations, this software can take an otherwise complicated and time-consuming process and streamline it into a mechanical component of your business’s operations. The interactive maps allow individuals to analyze, interpret, and visually share information.

How does mapping software work?

All source data is retrieved through spreadsheets or manual input into the software during the mapping process. From there, a geographic map generates the entries onto the map in real-time, showing individuals a streamlined data process. This process can help organize consumers into appropriate groups or different regions, according to the current demographics.

Demographics for GIS Mapping Software


The GIS mapping proximity tools help business owners identify new locations easily without saturating a specific area. Users can quickly determine whether a franchise is too close to the others, along with potential regions of interest (using the US Census and Demographics tool. Mapping software is also efficient for those wanting to analyze catchment areas.

Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents use some version of mapping software, as it helps them identify current market trends within a geographical area. These might highlight upcoming neighborhoods that might be of interest. It also provides insights into shifts in the seller’s demographic and distance between locations for planning purposes. With mapping software, it may highlight new areas to find clients while continuing to close deals faster.


Anyone interested in understanding basic human behavior, biological science, or other geographical detail for a particular region can use mapping software to solidify their understanding. This might include plant or animal density or an ongoing geography study for the applicant.

Sales Team

As most of the sales team spends significant time on the road, having a route planner can save you travel time. A few mapping programs include route planners that optimize any locations on the map, increasing the time spent with customers overall. With Google Map integration, you’ll be able to access real-time updates, traffic updates, and any construction areas within the area.


The mapping software will occasionally include US Census and demographic information within the software, bringing improved patterns and various factors influencing purchasing behavior. By quickly identifying key demographics, companies can focus their efforts on critical components of the selling process.

Mapping Software Versus Google Maps

While Google Maps allows individuals to add locations and points on the map, it’s limited in terms of quantity. Unfortunately, these limitations can significantly impact the understanding of data, hindering pattern recognition overall. Additionally, Google Maps fails to optimize multiple points on the route, forcing individuals to toggle through individual locations independently. This process can be time-consuming and confusing.

Alternatively, mapping software allows automatic uploading, along with manual inputting options. Facilitating the data entry offers more time to analyze your company data and less time to get it posted on the map. Productivity improves, areas for improvement are identified, and overall strategy can shift toward opportunities and advantages.


Finding mapping software that integrates with Google Maps offers the flexibility of unlimited locations, along with the functionality of the mapping application millions of us are familiar with. Currently, the Google Maps application only allows for ten places to be simultaneously uploaded at any point in time. While this works well for individuals who have a few errands to run throughout the day, it’s highly impractical for a business trying to grow and expand. 


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