FTTP Checker: Can Your Business Get Fibre To the Premises?


If you’re like most businesses, you rely on the internet to stay connected and productive. But what happens when your current internet service just can’t keep up with your needs? If you’re looking for a more powerful connection that can handle everything your business throws at it, then fibre to the premises (FTTP) may be the right solution for you.

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FTTP is a high-speed connection that delivers optic fibres directly to your building, giving your business the bandwidth it needs to keep running at full speed. So how do you know if FTTP is available in your area? 

With our new FTTP checker, it’s easier than ever to find out! Just enter your address and see whether or not FTTP is an option in your neighbourhood. Check it out now and see how much faster and smoother your business could run with ultra-fast fibre!

What is Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)?

Fibre to the Premises (or FTTP) is a quicker and more dependable method of connecting your business to the internet than ADSL or Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC).

Because FTTP connections use fibre cables for the whole trip, there is no delay when they arrive at the exchange cabinet. As a result, upload and download speeds are quicker than with FTTC broadband.

How FTTP Is Becoming a Leased Line Rival

For many firms, as long as the broadband connection is fast and reliable everything will go smoothly. However, some businesses demand a connection that can deliver even faster speeds and higher reliability during peak periods.

Traditionally, businesses seeking speed and reliability would invest in a leased line installation. A leased line is a dedicated internet connection provider that is exclusively supplied to your location. This type of connection allows you to choose the upload and download speeds you want, up to 1Gbps. Many organisations prefer leased lines because of their flexibility and ability to rely significantly on the connection.

Thanks to technological advancements, you can now get similar speeds via FTTP connections. This makes FTTP a serious competitor to leased lines, particularly for small or large companies and those looking to keep their operating expenses as low as possible.

Let’s look at some of the ways that FTTP can help you.

  • Speed

When it comes to upload and download speed, leased lines have typically dominated. Leased lines have remained a popular solution for organisations that require both speed and flexibility due to its symmetric upload and download speeds and dedicated traffic.

Things are, however, changing. With FTTP, you can now get download rates of 500Mbps and 1Gbps, indicating that leased lines are no longer the only way to get superfast speeds. The Difference between a leased line and FTTP is that a leased line serves only your premises, whereas with FTTP, you’ll be sharing a connection with several other users.

Some FTTP providers are now offering greater speeds, which presents a real potential for businesses in areas where FTTP is accessible. There is now an option to purchasing a home. There is now an option to leasing a line, which is especially good news for small enterprises.

  • Pricing

The price differential between FTTP and leased lines is one of the most significant. In this case, FTTP outperforms a standard leased connection by providing comparable speeds at a fraction of the cost.

For example, some Leased line providers now offers a 100Mbps Ultrafast broadband connection (FTTP) for £60 per month. leased line works  with the same speed starts at £317 per month in monthly operating fees.

If you don’t require a leased line’s precise service level agreement (SLA) or uncontended capacity, a FTTP connection could provide everything you need at a lower cost. 

  • Availability

Previously, FTTP was only available in a few cities and trial locations. As a result, most firms in the UK have missed out on the opportunity to sign up.

While FTTP is not yet available in every location, the rollout is projected to continue at a rapid pace. By 2020, Open reach hopes to have FTTP in 3 million homes and businesses, with 15 million by the mid-2020s. The company also recently revealed 36 new FibreFirst locations, as well as increased transparency regarding the UK’s FTTP network expansion.

Because of the rapid development  of the full fibre network across the UK, FTTP is now a true competitor to leased lines. Businesses will have additional options for how they want to communicate once an area is FTTP ready.

Businesses will have more options for accessing faster business broadband speeds, including leased lines and FTTP.

Is FTTP a Real Option in Your Area?

We’re used to being able to sign up for fibre broadband via a FTTC connection in almost every place. Although the FTTP rollout is moving well, it is not yet available in every part of the UK.

So, how can you know if FTTP is accessible in your neighbourhood? To assist, we’ve created a free and simple FTTP Checker tool.

How Can I Find Out if FTTP is Available and How Much it Costs?

Our free FTTP Checker lets you see if FTTP is available in your area and which providers are available. It’s a simple way to get started looking for a new business broadband contract.

Simply click the link below and input your postcode and phone number to begin your search. When you press the button, these details will be compared to our live database to see if you qualify for FTTP at your location.

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If your location is FTTP-ready, you’ll be given a list of FTTP providers in your area. You will also be able to check pricing data to assist you decide if it’s the correct choice for you.


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