Energy Meters – What Should You Know About Them?


An energy meter is the electrical device that measures the overall electrical power that is getting consumed and this permits the energy consumed over time (by any residential building, a business, or even an electrically powered device) to get determined.

You can discuss your options with the Electricity meter manufacturers in india  and ensure that you get the perfect type of meter for your space. This post is going to walk you through quickly some points that get you an idea about these energy or electricity meters.

Electricity meter types 

As per measurement points current types;

  • AC Energy Meter
  • DC Energy Meter

As per the structure of energy meter;

  • Mechanical Energy Meter: The Energy meter works as per the torque created by the magnetic field produced by the current getting through the current coil and the voltage dwindling to the voltage coil on the aluminum disk. Numbers on the numerator value grow or go up while the disk turns.
  • Electronic Energy Meter: As you can understand from the name, it is the kind of meter that permits the measurement with electronic circuit, a lot more precise than mechanical meters, advanced system and even communication options to get explained in the further. Although the meter gets designed as a standard product once it is described in this way, the equipment used or even not used can alter both the measurement accuracy and even the internal consumption that cannot be expected from any meter. Especially, at last moments when the energy efficiency is absolutely important.  

As per Physical Connection

  • Direct Connected Energy Meter: It is a kind of meter that can connect directly to the circuit having 100 ampere and 120 ampere in some specific types of meters without needing any sort of current or voltage transformer.
  • CT Connected Energy Meter: These energy meters are the ones that work up to 5 ampere measurement current level, and these are regroup as per voltage transformer usage on voltage measurement point.
  • Low Voltage or LV: These energy meters make use of just current transformers for measurement. These do not really require any voltage transformers. You can connect them to Low voltage directly.
  • High Voltage or HV: These energy meters make use of the current transformers and voltage transformers.

What to remember?

Electricity meters that get used in transmission (TEİAŞ) or even any sort of other places where sensitive measurement is needed have to be high accuracy class, mainly in solar (GES), wind (RES) and even hydroelectric (HES) plants where production, transportation or even consumption are made at absolutely high rates.

At such a point, accuracy classes of used current and even voltage transformers used as reference are absolutely critical. Therefore, in case you use high precision energy meter, it is going to be proper that to make us of high accuracy class measurement transformers as well.


To sum up,  you can check out electricity meters manufacturers and ensure that you pick the options that are apt for your specific needs and place.


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