Creepy Costume Ideas To Check Out This Year

Creepy Costume Ideas

As the Halloween season approaches, you might start looking at costumes that can stir up a scare. From costumes for couples to those that everyone in the family can wear, here are a few Creepy Costume Ideas to consider to get you in a spooky mood.


Although there’s no proof that aliens have been to earth, you can dress like one for Halloween. This is one of the scary costumes for Halloween because you can use makeup to add details to the eyes to give them an empty look or one that appears to see deep into your soul before whisking you away on a UFO. While most costumes are green, a few in other colors are a bit more frightening as they play on a monster appearance.

Corpse Bride- Creepy Costume Ideas

“According to Smiffys Halloween Costumes, ‘Our collection of Corpse Bride and Groom costumes make for the perfect Halloween costume this season.'” You can go as a couple by wearing a Ghost Groom costume while the other person wears a Ghost Bride costume. Splash a little fake blood on the costumes for an added scary effect. 

There are also Zombie Bride costumes for those who might want to take their time walking with trick-or-treaters on Halloween. No bride costume is complete without a bouquet of black or red roses and a veil covering the creepy face underneath.


There’s something about clowns that’s frightening, but when you wear a Creepy Clown costume, you might not have a chance to give anyone a balloon as they could run away. Instead, complete your costume with spiked red hair and white face paint with black around the eyes for a devilish look. You can also wear fake teeth that look like tiny razors to have a sharp smile.


The ghost is one of the scary costumes for Halloween that doesn’t seem to get old. You can get an old-school costume that’s plain and simple or highly detailed, such as a Ghost Ship Ghost or a Ghost Town Black Widow. The key to a ghost costume is the white or gray face, black eyes, and other black details on the face to deliver the appearance that you’re dead and walking the streets.


Others can try to guess what you are while you wear a monster costume as there are several designs available. Some costumes make you look like you’ve been in a biohazard incident and those make you look like something from out of this world. Another option would be to dress up like a beastly monster with fur and claws. Fake blood and scars are good to add to a monster costume and a weapon.

Devilish Delights

When you think of Halloween, you might think of the Devil. Grab a red costume that’s complete with horns and a trident and red and black makeup to deliver the look of coming from the fiery depths.

Halloween can be a fun holiday for everyone. You can also stir up a few gasps and screams with just the right scary costume.


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