Cheap, Affordable Save The Dates You will Love

Affordable Save The Dates

Save the date cards are a new wedding trend these days. However, they are not secluded to weddings only. Save the date cards are sent for all sorts of ceremonies and events like business launches, birthday celebrations, gender reveals, and whatnot. If you are looking to send save the date cards for your wedding on a budget, this article will deal with all the ways you can employ to purchase affordable save the dates for your big day. 

What Can I Do To Save Money On Save The Date Cards?

Go for a postcard Affordable Save The Dates:

Postcard save the dates are about 20 cents cheaper than first rate letter cards. The paper is lighter but durable all the time. Moreover, postcards are very cute and have plenty of space to put down your important info.

Although this might seem like pinching pennies, the amount adds up if you multiply the score of cents saved with the total number of cards sent.

Cards over magnets:

Paper cards are way cheaper than magnets. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the quality either as paper cards come in all qualities. Their thickness and sizes have a lot of variety, and you can choose anything from luxe to triple-thick paper. Hence, you are bound to find the invite of your choice. You can also use clear save the date cards instead of magnet ones.

Count with care:

A big mistake most couples make is ordering invites in proportion with the number of guests invited. But you must remember that it is not important to send an invitation to every person on the guest list as most people are together and of a single family.

For example, a married couple doesn’t need separate invitations to the wedding, and only one will be enough. The same goes for people with a family of several members. Therefore, do not order extra cards as this will weigh on your wallet. Moreover, by ordering carefully, you can cut the total amount of cards by half and sometimes even a third.

Watch out for weight:

Remember that the post office charges according to the weight. If your mail weighs more than 1 oz, you will have to pay more. Therefore, make sure that whatever save the date card your order is less than 1 oz.

You can ensure the weight by ordering a sample and weighing it at the post office with the envelope. Or you can call the stationers or ask online before ordering cards. Also, remember to always weigh the save the date card with the envelope.

Only send save the date cards to close people:

Many people make a big deal of sending Affordable Save The Dates cards to every attending unit. However, remember that this is an extra and not something compulsory. It is better to send save the date cards to only those on your A list. It is perfectly reasonable to cut out on save the date cards, as you will still be sending formal wedding invitations to the guests, and wedding invites are more important than save the date cards anyway.

Couple with holiday cards:

If you are one of those who send Christmas and holidays cards every year, then you can couple your save the date cards with such greeting cards. This is a great way to cut down on postage fees, and it will be a wonderful surprise for your family and friends too.

Use your wedding website:

A great many people ignore the blessing of wedding websites. Instead of adding all the info on a big card, or additional enclosure cards, you can direct the guests to your wedding website. Simply write your site’s url on the back or bottom of the card and send it away. You can also add a QR code to make things easier for your guests.

However, do not skip the names of the guests, and the event’s date, time, and location.

The Final Word

Save the date cards are a great way to let your close ones know the date and time of the event. This way, they get a heads up to make appropriate preparations and mark their calendars. Even though save the date cards are not mandatory like wedding invites, they are surely becoming one.


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