Biggest winnings in Poland casino history


Gambling is a favourite entertainment form for people in Poland, so there is no wonder that this industry is developing rapidly. By the way, the “polskie kasyna internetowe” here are ahead of the times, when compared to other east European countries. According to recent estimates, gambling industry reached a revenue of nearly €402.1m in 2020 and this number keeps growing year after year. Casino developers as well as providers are making a massive fortune out of it, but most devoted gamblers have also become self-made millionaires, earning respect, fame, and huge amounts of money. 

Gambling is the perfect combination of profit and pleasure because the playing process is extremely satisfying and big winning boosts the drive to reach new heights and break records. Players that showed astonishing results and placed the highest bets are called high-rollers. These people are real role models for newcomers that also want to stand out and show what they are capable of. 

Casino games are as a rule games of chance, but some of them require building a specific strategy to beat the opponent. Winning a huge amount of cash is no longer a dream or fantasy, and some examples can prove it. 

Let’s have a look at what people managed to break the jackpot and leave a mark in the history of the polish casino. All these people reached their goal by persistently trying and working on it, so they show all of us that everything is possible in this world.

1.Henry Orenstein with total winnings of $200,000

His first remarkable victory was at the 1996 World Series of Poker, where he left behind many worldwide famous gamblers like Cloutier, Violette, and Brenes and got his deserved $130,000. Earlier, he won prizes of $10,000 at the 1993 and 1995 World Series of Poker. Henry participated in various international gambling tournaments and established himself as an avid casino player with an unstoppable drive to new achievements.

2.Nic Szeremeta and his total winnings of $200,000

This famous personality in the Polish gambling business also earned respect far beyond his motherland. He decided to start his gambling career when it became unbearable to live the life of an average person with an average income. In 1995, he won Amsterdam Master’s Classic and got his biggest win of over $18,000, which was considered to be the largest live tournament cash at that time.

During his most successful career, he earned over $50,000, participating in international poker tournaments. Now people can see his name in the list of most successful Polish gamblers with impressive estimated revenue.

3.Wiktor Malinowski and his numerous winnings

This budding gambler was able to make a name out of poker tournaments. As a result of his victory at the World Championship of Online Poker, Wiktor won $700,000, which was a real sensation in the gambling industry at that time. Then the other victories followed and the victory at a popular poker website NLHE has brought him $840,000. Wiktor is renowned for his unique tactics and a sharp mind, which put him on top of the most successful people in Polish gambling.


The information about the best winnings in Poland casino history shows you that everybody has the opportunity to play online casino games and make a considerable fortune. The gambling industry in Poland is developing rapidly, and the best casino operators offer a great variety of casino games with lucrative bonuses and generous winnings. 

The captivating playing process can also generate income, so your hobby can become the source of your income. As you can see, the number of winnings can be really impressive, and it proves that gambling is a very profitable business. Furthermore, all people who achieved unbelievable results in this sphere were ordinary people without influential acquaintances and backgrounds. So, it means that all people can fulfil their potential in gambling and try their fortune.


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