Best VPN For Watching Netflix


Since many VPNs cannot unblock Netflix, we ran our exhaustive Netflix testing again to identify the best VPN that was still operational at the time of publication. We’ll also go through some advice for troubleshooting.

Although Netflix has a vast collection, much of the material is regionally limited due to copyright agreements. Your country determines what movies and TV shows you can see. Download VPN (Descargar VPN) may be required if you visit another country to unblock and securely access your regular home streaming services.

We’ve compiled our top suggestions for VPNs that still function with Netflix below if you’re seeking an immediate response. Later in this article, we’ll go through our comprehensive conclusions after conducting rigorous Netflix VPN testing.

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How to Access Netflix in Other Countries?

You can now see both the drawbacks and advantages of removing the geo-restriction on Netflix. It appears that many subscribers are considerably more aware of the benefits. So, how can I get Netflix when travelling? You require a reliable VPN, such as iTop VPN. Since Netflix bases its content delivery on the user’s IP address, by disguising your real IP and replacing it with a specified country, you can successfully get around geo-restriction and even the infamous VPN Netflix forbidden issue.As a result, you can access whatever content you want.

You receive the following when you use iTop to view Netflix.

Cover up your IP

You can easily conceal your IP VPN address with iTop and deceive Netflix into thinking you are visiting from another country. With iTop VPN, you can view anything from anywhere while keeping all of your web traffic completely encrypted.

individual streaming server

To be the best streaming VPN, iTop has streaming servers specifically configured for Disney+, Hulu, BBC, iPlayer, Netflix, and many other streaming services.

globally accessible networks

When watching Netflix, you can choose from a wide range of places, thanks to iTop. With over 1,800 servers spread over 100 locations worldwide, iTop enables you to fake your IP.

Risk-free VPN test

When compared to other VPNs, it provides a legitimate free trial. You can get 700Mb of data daily at the same speed as a paying plan; perhaps this isn’t enough for streaming, but it’s an opportunity to test things out before committing.

Unrestricted capacity

The majority of VPNs in use today will limit your bandwidth. However, iTop won’t. You can watch your favourite Netflix shows without worrying about massive data transfers that can exceed the bandwidth.

OFF switch

The Kill Switch enhanced security protection will stop all internet activity and secure your personal information when the connection breaks. So, when watching Netflix, your IP and data are always secure. Additionally, Telegram must have the Kill Switch option.

Use the iTop VPN’s streaming server.

With iTop VPN, you can use the streaming servers to watch Netflix directly. How? Read on.


  • Install the free Windows iTop VPN on your devices by downloading it descargar vpn.
  • Open iTop, then select “For streaming” servers from the top menu.
  • Select either “Netflix United States” or “Netflix Korea.”
  • To connect to the streaming server, click the “Connect” button on the far right.


While iTop VPN is regarded as the best VPN gratis para PC to use with Netflix, because of its strong ability to bypass geo-restrictions and excellent performance. Which enables you to watch HD/4K videos steadily and without interruption.


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