Beer Tap Handles Sizes and Types: How to Choose the Right One?


Want to make your products more recognizable and interesting for customers? Then invest in branded beer taps

With them, you can advertise your products and make the establishment more stylish and original.

Read our article about the most popular styles and sizes of beer tap handles, as well as about where you can buy them.

Beer Tap Handle Types and Styles

To date, the most common styles of beer taps are:

  1. Pub beer tap handles

The perfect solution for a craft bar or pub! Such tap handles can be of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Here you can find almost all the popular beer brands.

  1. Versatile tap handles

Here you can also have almost any color, size, and shape. 

Unlike the previous style, these beer taps are not yet branded, so you can order the logo, picture, or slogan you need.

  1. Novelty tap handles

In this category, you can find the most original and creative shapes, which will emphasize the exclusivity of the establishment. 

Thus, you can decorate the bar with tap handles in the form of Santa, a farmer, a sailor, a bikini girl, etc. With that attitude, your beer won’t go unnoticed!

You can also choose the most suitable material: acrylic, ceramic, wood, glass, metal, porcelain, and brass. All of them are about the same in strength, durability, and ease of operation.

Finding the Right Tap Handle Sizes

The size of the beer tap handle is another important factor that should be taken into account when choosing it.

Most of these products have the following parameters:

  • Standard height: 9-13 inches;
  • Height of short tap handles 4-6 inches;
  • Width/depth: no more than 3 inches.

Make sure that the tap handle is not too thin or too heavy at the top: this can affect its strength or usability.

Do you know where to order quality stylish beer taps? Visit the online store of the Canadian brand Beverage Craft – Here you will find a good selection of beautiful and comfortable beer tap handles.

You can choose any desired shape, material, color, and size, as well as brand it as you want.

Beverage Craft knows how to make unique products that promote your bar!


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