5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Arizona

Travel to Arizona

While international travel is so popularized as a lifestyle, there are so many domestic travel destinations that you’re still to discover. Arizona is definitely one such location and, as the site of the Grand Canyon, it’s on many people’s bucket lists. Still, there’s much more to Arizona than just the Grand Canyon (even though we too succumbed to the temptation and put it first on the list). With this in mind and without further ado, here are the top five reasons why you should definitely travel to Arizona and see all these things for yourself.

  1. See the Grand Canyon

Everyone should see the Grand Canyon at least once in their lifetime. So, we’ve picked this item to start off our list. Now, the reasons for a visit to the Grand Canyon are numerous but the first one worth bringing up is definitely the scenic beauty of the area itself. It’s a natural wonder and a sight worth seeing in person.

Second, it’s one of the best educational activities for the entire family. Anyone even remotely interested in geology needs to make a visit to the Grand Canyon a mandatory pilgrimage. Even those who were not interested before might end up being geology buffs afterward.

The time you decide to dedicate to this visit may vary depending on your intentions but it’s never a good idea to leave some room for the customization of your voyage. There are so many iconic activities that you can try your hand at while visiting, ranging from hiking, all the way to helicopter rides. The truth is that you have no idea what you’ll be in a mood for when you get there, so give yourself the freedom to choose.

  1. Attend Scottsdale Fashion Week

Those who are fashion-oriented should not miss the opportunity to visit Scottsdale in mid-May in order to visit some of the state’s best fashion shows. This is an annual event that attracts thousands of attendees, including some of the most esteemed and renowned names from the fashion world.

If you’re still on the fence, you might want to do some research and look up featured designers. Other than this, you might also want to start following the event on social media, this will give you great source material for your research. Also, it will make tagging them properly (once you attend) a lot easier.

Keep in mind that this is a special occasion and that you must look the part. Make sure to prepare an Arizona-inspired fashion outfit for the event and even buy something from a local jewelry store in Scottsdale to add a final touch to your design. Other than just completing your outfit, this will serve as a memento from this journey.

  1. Visit the Heard Museum

Anyone interested in Native American culture and the pre-colonization era of the continent needs to visit the Heard Museum as the foremost showcase on this subject matter. Other than just the museum, the complex itself has a courtyard with a restaurant and a shop.

The biggest problem with the visit to this museum lies in the fact that it has so much to showcase. Therefore, there is a load of information on every single artifact and you won’t be able to sample it all during a short visit. This brings us to the biggest downside of the museum, the fact that it closes relatively early in the day (as early as 3 pm).

In other words, you need to get out there early in order to see it all. Moreover, you should dedicate the entire day to this visit in order to get the value you deserve out of it.

  1. Spend a Weekend at Miraval

Miraval is definitely one of the best spa resorts in the entirety of Arizona, equipped with all the facilities you want in such a venue. Rooms are luxurious, you’ll have access to the gym in order not to deviate from your fitness routine and there are 3 outdoor swimming pools that you can enjoy.

The hotel is all-inclusive, which means that it’s a lot easier to budget your visit and fully relax without counting every dime. Also, there are 118 guestrooms (each individually decorated), which means that you have a great variety of choices when it comes down to the customizability of your stay there. Each room has its own privately furnished patio.

Now, while we understand that you won’t travel across the country just to go to a spa, you can always combine a high-adventure activity (like a visit to the Grand Canyon) with something completely different. What better way to do so than to follow up a weekend of hiking with a couple of days at a spa resort.

  1. Phoenix

It would be just outright ridiculous to make a list of things to do and visit in Arizona without mentioning at least a brief stop at Phoenix and sampling some of the things that this amazing city has to offer. The city itself is a heaven for any sun lover and it offers an abundance of arts and cultural attractions.

Sure, we’ve mentioned Scottsdale already (which is in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area) as well as Heard Museum, however, the city has a lot more to offer. From incredible bars, restaurants, and cultural venues, all the way to Castles N’ Coasters where you can organize an evening of fun for the entire family.

Even when it comes to your lodging, there’s something for everyone, no matter what kind of standards or budget you’re currently working with. Overall, this can just add to the overall experience.

Wrap Up

The thing is that Arizona has so much to offer that it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to sample it all in a single visit. In fact, Scottsdale alone probably offers too much experience for one brief trip. Also, the majority of these experiences are something you’ll probably want to revisit. Therefore, planning a return trip soon after getting back is not out of the ordinary. The second time around, however, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re up against.


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