Why You Really Need Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons Bromley
Automatic Driving Lessons Bromley

Why you need Automatic Driving Lessons

Whether you are looking forward to receiving driving lessons in Cambridge or an Automatic Driving Lessons BromleyThere are some things which you must know beforehand. First, you should know the difference between automatic and manual vehicles

Automatic cars are way simpler than manual ones. They do not have a clutch and you do not have to change gears while driving.

Although manual cars are still used a majority of people prefer automatic vehicles because of the ease of operation. It is also the preferred choice for people with any disability as well as older people who may find it hard physically to drive manual cars.

The major difference between manual and automatic vehicles

In a manual vehicle, you have to change gears often. You should know when to gear up or gear down. This means that one of your hands will be constantly on the gear and one of your feet will be constantly on the clutch.

Changing the gear before or after the right time can affect your car engine. You might hear the knocking sound which is an indication that you are not changing gears at the right time. There is no such complication in automatic cars.

The gears will automatically change according to the acceleration. In an automatic vehicle, you can say goodbye to the requirement of using the clutch or the gear.

Simpler and better

Automatic driving lessons are much simpler than manual ones. As you do not have to focus on gear timing. As your concentration will not be divided, you can focus more on your handling skills. You can use both your hands for steering the vehicle, teaching you how to improve your control while driving.

Lessons increase confidence

Many people start their lessons with several fears. One such fear is stalling or rolling backward when you are driving upwards on a slope. Automatic vehicles do not stall or roll backward unless there is a serious fault in the vehicle. This makes you more confident and you learn better.

Better control

One of the primary purposes of driving lessons is to offer you better control of the vehicle. Automatic driving lessons enable you to judge better when it comes to speed. They also teach you how to read your environment while you are driving.

How to select the best teacher?

Many companies and individuals are providing automatic driving Lessons in Bromley and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. So how do you decide which one is the best for you?

Automatic Driving Lessons Bromley
Automatic Driving Lessons Bromley

Licensed & registered

Check the website of the company or individual offering automatic driving lessons. Check to see whether the company or the individual offering Automatic Driving Lessons Bromley is registered and licensed to provide you with these services.

Well experienced

Your teacher /trainer should have substantial experience in delivering automatic driving lessons. Experienced professionals will not just deliver regular lessons but also provide you with useful tips which will come in handy.

Read customer reviews

Read what people have to say about the company offering these services. Customer reviews should be available on the company’s website. You can easily distinguish between actual reviews and paid reviews by reading the details.

Good condition of vehicles

Make sure that you are being trained in vehicles that are in a good condition. You don’t want to run into an accident or a non-operational vehicle during your training sessions. The safety accessories of the vehicle such as airbags should be in working condition.


Before you select your instructor for Driving Instructor Lewisham, do a cost analysis by comparing the rates of two or three companies. This way you can save some money.

Hire someone in your vicinity

It is always a good idea to hire a company or a driving instructor which is located close by. This can help you save time and money. You can learn about them from your friends and neighbors. If you are living in Bromley, ask around for any company or instructor providing Automatic Driving Lessons in Bromley.


The driving company or the instructor should have their vehicle insured for any damages that might occur during the training. Check their website to read their insurance policy.


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