What’s the Job Description of an LTAC Nurse in Alabama?

LTAC Nurse

LTAC nurses have been in demand in Alabama due to the rising number of patients who need their service. Some nurses have been advancing their careers to be qualified as LTAC nurses and be able to benefit from this specialization compared to when they work as regular nurses. LTAC nursing jobs in Alabama are continuously increasing, if you are planning to become one then read about LTAC nursing jobs- LTAC Nurse.

What is a Long-Term Care Nurse?

A long-term acute nurse or registered nurse who specializes in taking care of patients who need extended medical care. Patients in the LTAC facility may have suffered from injuries, illness, or disability and they need a longer time to recover that’s why they need special treatment for their condition. LTAC nurses may also care for the elderly and do homecare services so the patient can get the assistance they need.  

What Will You Do as a Long-Term Care Nurse in Alabama?

Long-term care nurses cover the following duties and responsibilities:

Monitoring and Reporting Patient’s Record

Monitoring and recording updates on the patient’s condition are relevant to knowing the progress so the medical team will be able to know what to do next. LTAC nurses should be able to keep the team updated with the information they need, especially updating the physician in charge regarding the progress of the patient’s condition. 

Checking on Patient’s Vital Signs 

Vital signs can determine if the patient is doing good or not. Monitoring the vital signs closely for LTAC patients is essential since their conditions can vary abruptly, knowing any sudden changes can save them from getting in danger and can be addressed immediately. LTAC nurses have to check their vitals regularly or as needed. 

Dressing and Cleaning of Wounds 

Some Patients In the LTAC facilities need regular cleaning and dressing of sound to fasten their recovery. This is part of the LTAC nurse’s duties, to keep the patient’s wounds sterile and regularly change the dressing to avoid infection.  

Giving Emotional Support for Patients

Patients who are admitted to LTAC facilities usually need encouragement and sympathy due to their conditions. Their nurses should be part of their emotions; support them when they need it. LTAC nurses are trained to be emotionally sensitive when taking care of their patients since they need it. They don’t only give emotional support to their patients but also to their family members who take care of them. They have to be able to explain well to the family members of the patient the things they need to know and specific ways of assisting their patient. 

Assist Physicians in Procedure 

LTAC patients need some procedures to help monitor their condition as well as make them recover faster. Procedures are often performed by physicians and LTAC nurses assist them in any way they can. 

Implementing Individualized Treatment Plan 

Each patient has a treatment plan made by the medical team that is implemented by all members when they are assigned to take care of the patient. LTAC nurses are part of the medical team and have their duty to implement the medication made for the patient. 

What Are Some Related Alternative Careers?

Occupational Therapist Assistant 

Occupational therapists assistants are responsible for helping patients improve their ability to do daily tasks such as buttoning shirts or holding pens. Patients whose motor skills are affected by their illness, injury, or disability are assisted by this therapist to help them get back on their feet and do tasks on their own again. 

Physical Therapist Assistant 

Physical therapist assistants also help patients improve their gross motor skills that have been affected by their injury, illness, or disability. Exercise plans are made according to the patient’s needs so they can eventually regain their ability to do things on their own.  

So what’s the job description of an LTAC nurse in Alabama? It has been stated already and now that you have an idea of the duties and responsibilities of an LTAC nurse you can start applying for the job or if you need more qualifications then get them now and be an LTAC nurse when you are ready. Get the experience you need so you can be ready for the challenges once you become an LTAC nurse.  


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