What to do if a credit car is involved in an accident


An accident is always an unexpected event, but even the most experienced driver should not rule out such a possibility. That is why you should always have the insurer’s phone number with you, and if finances allow, the insurance program can include a clause on the possibility of summoning an insurance commissioner to the accident site.

If there was a collision where the cars received mechanical damage, the approximate sequence of actions: 

  • Get out of the car, and assess the situation. 
  • If necessary, provide first aid to the injured. If there was a minor accident (a scratch, an accidental bump in someone else’s bumper in the parking lot), there is a great temptation not to start the proceedings, and quickly solve the case peacefully with the other driver. 
  • However, in this case, you will not be able to count on any compensation from the insurer, so it is still much more advantageous to issue an accident according to the rules. 

In any case, you can not get into an altercation with the other driver, even if he was at fault. 

  1. Call the traffic police inspector and call the insurance commissioner. 
  2. He will tell you exactly what to do and give you a deadline to file a claim. Most of the time, there are only a few days, so you will have to hurry. 
  3. Before the arrival of the police, try to photograph the traces of the accident, interview witnesses, and review the recorder. 
  4. All of this will be evidence of your case and will provide an opportunity to show the insurers how the collision occurred, and what was the cause of the accident. 
  5. Police officers make a report that reflects all the facts, which will later identify the person responsible for the accident. 
  6. Make sure that all the circumstances are reflected, correctly, it is better to record all conversations with the traffic police officers, if a disputed situation has arisen. 
  7. Get in the traffic police certificates of the accident, which will reflect all the damages. JunkCarsUs finds it interesting that these documents are attached to the application to the insurance company. 
  8. You can also attach a witness statement to it, and it is desirable to explain as spatially as possible how the case was. The insurers will schedule a damage assessment procedure, after which the amount of compensation will be named.

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Can the insurance company refuse to pay

A common situation: 

I took a car on credit and got into an accident, what should I do if the insurer refuses to pay or deliberately understates the amount of compensation? 

JunkCarsUs points out that there are several reasons why you can be denied: 

  • A gross violation of the rules of the insurance contract. 
  • Almost all insurers will deny compensation if the driver was drunk and caused the accident. 
  • If you were late in filing a claim or if no certificates from the traffic police were presented, it will be very difficult to prove your case. 
  • The only solution is to read the insurance contract in advance, preferably together with a lawyer, so you know exactly what you are entitled to. 


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