What is Vio Horoscope?

What is Vio Horoscope?

Vio Horoscope has nothing to do with astrology and Zodiac signs as its name implies; instead,, it is a free movie downloading site. It is called a horoscope because it charts movies like a horoscope, and it gets you to show something new every day(Movie Horoscope is always entertaining and exciting, you may try your’s one at your own risk)

What is Vio Horoscope, and what does it offer us?

Vio Horoscope is a free movie downloading platform. It comes in the form of an APK file version for android. Softech is its official developer. It is a vast library of Bollywood and other Hollywood and international movies, television series, and web series. Now, to come to the point, it only allows you to download the videos, not to stream them live like the other premium visual entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. This app majorly hosts content from Indian cinema, and that’s why a large chunk of traffic is Bollywood lovers.

Do we need a paid subscription?

The answer is a big no. It does not require paid subscriptions; all you need to do is first to install its APK file on your computer, download it manually on your phone afterward, and enjoy the access to its unlimited content. Such a feast for binge-watchers!

Does it offer a user-friendly design?

Vio Horoscope has a user-friendly design that makes navigation much more straightforward, smooth, and seamless. Its interface is neatly organized. Content is sorted according to the category as well as the release date. It means that the home page offers you the sections of movies, web series, short films, TV series, and recently added movies. Moreover, every movie and show title comes along with an HD quality poster, year of release, and duration of the film or run time.

If you are looking for particular content, you should type its title in the search bar. Upon searching, you get both the options of downloading the movie or watching its trailer first. As said earlier, it doesn’t give you an opportunity for live streaming; it only offers you a download.

What if the downloading link is not working for any movie or TV show?

There are some titles on the site for which the download link is not working, but the good news is that users report it regularly, and site developers get the issue fixed for the titles having significant complaints. You may also face this issue with the trailer option for some titles. The problem mostly comes up with the older movies and shows.

Do I need strong internet for using this app?

Obviously yes. Every layperson who uses android knows that download speed depends upon the quality of your internet connection, so you are supposed to have higher MBs.

Does Vio Horoscope host the most recent video content?

Absolutely yes. The site hosts download links for the most recent blockbusters in all the genres of movies, TV shows, and short telefilms. It has a separate icon of ”recently added” on its home page.

What is the video resolution?

The resolution is superb; you can watch with 720p quality or even more fantastic. The rule of thumb is that recent or a bit previous videos are available in 720p+ resolution, while you can enjoy older movie titles with 720p max.

It has a unique Telegram feature.

Vio Horoscope app gives you the telegram icon under every movie title for community discussion and requesting any support. However, it doesn’t offer any voting facility like some other platforms by providing the ”like” or ” dislike” button.

Does this app host frustrating ads?

The word ”ad” must have made you frown. All free streaming and downloading platforms are infested with many unwanted ads, making the web page very glitchy and hard to navigate. While it is true that websites make money by hosting these links, a good and user-friendly website places very few of them in a very intuitive and professional manner. Fortunately, this is the case with Vio Horoscope; you see only a single ad on the top display. You will never see unnecessary pop-ups and ads and can lead straight up to your requested content.

You have multiple servers to choose from

There are multiple servers to connect with before pressing the watch the trailer button or download button. This feature allows the site to manage the traffic smoothly, and users don’t have to face buffering issues.

Technical details

For understanding these specifications, you need to be a software developer or a committed tech lover. Have a look anyways:

  • It has a download size of 14.6 MB
  • Its version is v3.0
  • It minimum requires android 6.1+
  • It was last developed in December last year.
  • Its package ID comes with the name of softech. scopeworld.viohoroscope.

What are some other alternatives available?

There are a lot of paid and unpaid options to go with. Some of the most trending ones are Bee Tv, Tubi, Popcorn Time, Cinema HD, Vidmate, Crackle, Vudu, Mobilemovies.me, Housemovie.to, Mydownloadtube.net, Hdmp4mania.net, IPTV, LTScores( these two are kind of tv on your smartphone), Popcornflix, Modbro, Megabox HD, Lifetime, Torrdroid, iflix, Teatv, Contv, Anyme, MX player, Videobuddy, Disney plus, Cloudstream, Antmovies.Tv, Putlocker, Savefrom.net, Mydownloadtube, Hotstar.com, Yify, Yesmovies,etc. All that said, no platform gives that premium level of service as rendered by Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon prime video.

Final words

Despite the non-availability of live streaming options like premium entertainment websites, Vio Horoscope provides you with many reasons why to choose it. Of course, there are a lot of pirated websites besides legal and paid ones that impart a user-friendly experience through their seamless graphics, high resolution, fewer ads, and user-friendly features. Vio horoscope is excellent for those who grind in work all week and need ready-to-go entertainment for weekends, and similarily for those who want to watch movies and shows on a binge session. You can easily find this APK file on many platforms after you google it. Get it from anyone of the available links and enjoy!


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