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Today, a metal trash can is simply an indispensable thing that is designed to collect various kinds of waste bins Birmingham. Polymer tanks in comparison with metal ones are less reliable and durable.

Metal trash cans prices

If you need to buy a waste collection tank on the street, then you can see a large selection of products on our company’s website, which offers quality products of our production at the best prices. Street trash cans for solid waste

Turning to our company, you can choose street trash cans of various types and sizes. In order to choose the right version of the container, we also give examples where this or that volume of the MSW container is most often used in use. If you have any additional questions, you can always get answers to them from the managers of our company, who are professionals in this field.

Volumes of garbage cans for garbage collection

 In the event that garbage cans are planned to be installed near office premises or private houses, as well as small entertainment complexes, it is recommended to choose models with a volume of 120, 240 and 360 liters. You can choose and purchase this option on our website, at any time convenient for you.

For yards near cafes and restaurants, small residential complexes, as well as various types of enterprises, it is recommended to choose an outdoor trash can with a volume of 770 and 660 liters. In the event that containers are planned to be placed near large-scale residential developments, then in this case a metal container for solid waste with a volume of 1100 liters will be an excellent option.

Manufacturer of outdoor trash cans with delivery in the UK

 In addition, our company offers a container for PGM, which can be purchased at any convenient time. Such a container for RSO is distinguished by certain technical features, which can be found in more detail on the website. Today, street trash cans, the price of which may vary depending on several factors. There are models with rubber wheels, or without them. All presented models are distinguished by the presence of lids that fit snugly against the walls of containers. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to provide reliable protection against the spread of an unpleasant odor throughout the territory. If you need to manufacture solid waste containers. You can already use the services of our company, which has vast experience in this field.

In his daily life, a person produces at least 1-2 kg of garbage daily. Also, various enterprises produce garbage in huge quantities, from cafes and canteens to car repair shops and shops. For convenient storage of household and industrial waste, plastic waste containers cannot be dispensed with.

The Metacon plant offers the following products for sale:

  1. Plastic waste container on two wheels for 120, 240, and 360 liters.
  2. Plastic waste container on four wheels for 660 and 1100 liters.

Smaller tanks can be installed, for example, on the territory of private households, in hotels, cafes, and other similar establishments. As for large containers, they are designed to accommodate the garbage of residents of multi-story buildings.

What bonuses do we offer you upon purchase:

  • Individual approach to every customer
  • Cumulative discount system
  • Free delivery to the terminals of TC PEK and Business lines
  • Warranty from 6 to 12 months

Check out the detailed specifications of plastic recycling bins Birmingham trash containers in our catalog. Difficult to choose? Call us, managers will select the appropriate option.


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