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What is Kissanime?

There are millions of anime fans worldwide who wish to watch their favourite movies for free. The audience of anime series increases by the day and more people want to watch animated content. As the popularity of anime increases, there is a need for a website that provides these popular shows free of any registration or costs. The Kissanime website fills this gap and allows viewers to watch their favourite anime shows 24/7. Kissanime is a dream come true for anime lovers and they can find the best series on one platform. 

Talking about the interface of this website, it is user-friendly and displays the most popular shows on the homepage. However, you can also look up your favorite show on the search tab. People from all countries have access to Kissanimefree so they can watch the best anime in HD. Also, the Kissanime app carries the same features for a better experience. Meanwhile, if you can not find your desired show on this website, we will discuss other best kiss anime alternative websites shortly. 

What are the advantages to watch an anime on kissanime?

Kissanime is a free online platform where you can watch thousands of anime shows. This website is the most popular among anime fans worldwide. Besides, you can find English subtitles for every show and some are even available in the dubbed form. The Kissanime website also allows you to download your desired series and watch them later. Moreover, you can report any problem to the owners and request any anime as well. The site of Kissanime also has the most extensive collection of trending movies and series. 

Did KissAnime shut down?

Sometimes, famous websites go down as their popularity increases. It makes the users wonder if the site will operate again or is it gone permanently. Nowadays, you may not be able to find this site on the internet. The reason is that the website had to face some copyright claims that led to the shutdown. However, we are yet to find if the site closed permanently or temporarily. Meanwhile, you can watch anime free on other sites for the time being. We will also update you with any new information about when the site goes up again. 

Why did KissAnime shut down?

Kissanime shutdown in 2020 because of copyright issues. Even though the website operated for about a decade, it stood the test of time and provided the fans with the latest anime series. However, the strict piracy laws finally got to the website and led to a shutdown. This closure infuriated the global fans of this anime heaven, yet the website has never appeared again since then. There are other sites like kissanime where you can watch your favorite anime series online. We will get to those popular alternatives to this website in a bit. 

Is KissAnime illegal?

It is important to note if a website is safe and legal before watching the content. If you are wondering whether kiss anime is safe or not, then yes, it is safe to use. There are no reports of viruses on this website, nor they ask about any personal information from the users. Also, you do not have to register or sign up on this site before watching any content. Right now, the kissanime down news is circulating and many people wonder if it is illegal. There is no definite answer to that, as you can watch anime online on this site without any trouble. However, downloading content may count as illegal but the users never face any problem. 

Websites similar to kissanime

Some countries blocked kissanime and you may not be able to open it even with a VPN. However, there are similar websites like Kissanime that operate the same way. You can find your desired shows on these websites and they are safe to use. Also, some of these are even better and easier to use than this site. Besides, you can watch anime online for free at any time without any trouble. Some of the top are afilmywap and thewatchcartoononline If you are wondering about any alternatives, we compiled a list of the best websites for anime:

1) Ani watcher

Ani Watcher is the best alternative to Kissanime available. This website uploads popular anime series and movies. Also, it provides a list of the trending episodes on the homepage for the ease of users. The user-friendly interface and HD content make this website a favorite among anime fans. Moreover, this site is free to use, and you do not have to register yourself to watch any episode. Aniwatch is also free and safe to use and does not contain any viruses. You can visit the website or look up Anime Watcher on the internet to continue watching your favorite anime. 

2) AZ Interface

This easy-to-use website is safe and contains thousands of anime episodes and movies. Besides, the A-z interface is easy to understand for everyone. You can watch your favorite manga series, anime, movies, and shows on this website without paying a penny. Also, this site is the best alternative to kissanime as it provides the same features with various genres. You can also watch English dubbed versions of the foreign-language content. Moreover, you can watch anime with English subtitles. Besides, the users can also rate anime content on this website and vote for the best movies uploaded on the site. 

3) Otaku stream

This website uploads hundreds and thousands of anime episodes and movies in HD quality. Also, this platform is one of the favorites for anime lovers. If you loved watching anime on kiss anime, this is the website for you. The homepage of otaku stream anime efficiently organizes all episodes. So, the users can find their desired episode without any hassle. Wotakoi streaming is also free for all users and does not require any registration. Also, you can find English subbed and dubbed versions of the anime on this site. 

4) KissManga

If you are on the hunt for a website with the most similarities to Kiss Anime, give this site a try. Kiss Manga is becoming as popular as the former website and some people fear it may lead to kissmanga shut down. However, this website is active and uploading right now so, enjoy your favorite shows. You can also watch the kamisama kiss manga series on this website in high definition. Besides, this website uploads a wide range of genres so that users of all tastes can enjoy watching anime and manga. Also, they update the running mange list every now then to keep the users up-to-date. 

5) Gogo Anime

Go Go Anime is the top anime website with the most popular worldwide. This easy-to-use website is also safe. You can watch subbed and dubbed versions of your favorite series on this site. Besides, the users can also request the operators to upload their desired anime. This site regularly uploads fresh content and updates the list of ongoing shows. Anime fans can also use the gogo anime app and Tv for a better experience. Also, the animation content uploads in high-quality visuals and sound. real?

Kissanime ru is another website similar to Kiss Anime that shut down a while ago. This site also provides HD anime episodes and movies for anime fans. Also, safe makes this site an alternative to the previously popular website. The users can watch anime on this website without any risk and find their favorite shows with one click. Besides, this site has a similar interface to kissanime for a mirror experience. This site also uploads English dubbed versions and subtitles of foreign-language series and movies. 

What is Kissanime Reddit?

Kissanime Reddit account frequently posts about the latest updates of this websitextra. Many people post their queries related to the shutdown on this account and get a reply. You can also follow the kissanime shutdown Reddit thread to find out more about this site. Also, the operators of this website update anime fans every now and then about any progress regarding the site. You can ask the operators about any question and get a response from them on Reddit.


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