Top 5 Languages to Learn for a Career in Technology

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In the new modern era, no other sector is as big as technology at the moment. Nowadays, the majority’s dream is to work under the hood of technology. There are a few skills to learn before joining and one of them is language. 

Technology companies maintain a massive chain throughout the globe, so it is important to know various languages. Learning different languages will give you the advantage of being ahead of others in every sector. 

In this session, we will discuss which languages you need to learn if you want to work in technology. 

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Being the most commonly used language on earth, English has held first place in the technology sector. It is the most useful language in every sector, especially in technology. You will have to read and speak tons of English with your coworkers. You can also get online English courses from AmazingTalker

There are thousands of tech jobs in the USA and other English-speaking countries. If you want to grab the opportunity to work there, learning English is a must. 

If you can read this without any difficulty, it’s good news for you that you know English. You don’t have to hustle hard to learn English. In the meantime, you can spend your time on the other languages on the list.


It’s no surprise that the Chinese are ranked second on this list. Chinese is also known as Mandarin; locals call it Mandarin more often. China is one of the biggest tech freaks on earth. They have a huge amount of technology inside. 

Chinese companies often require skilled foreign employees. To work in China, learning Mandarin is necessary. The reason is that, unlike other countries on earth, they do not learn English. 

Chinese companies use their mother tongue for their official work. By learning Chinese, you can apply to a technology company in China if you have enough qualifications. Otherwise, it is impossible to work in China without knowing Chinese.


Germany has a huge amount of influence on all sectors of the technology and export sector. They are responsible for Europe’s largest economy. It is the official language of two countries and is very important for the technology sector. 

There are many workplaces in the world where knowing German is mandatory. German is a little bit hard, but it will be easier for you if you know English properly. 

There are similarities between them, so it will be easier. Otherwise, adding German to your CV will be a great attraction for the company to hire you.


The French have a great history of their own. It is used in more than 40 countries, and it was the world’s ruling language until it was overtaken by English. 

As long as the world stays, the French will stay. French-speaking countries like France are making great progress in science and technology. So, it would be a great decision to learn French. 

After learning French, you can apply to any French company if you match their skills. Besides, French is also known as the language of romance, so it will be a great thing to impress the people around you. Learning French will allow you to visit different countries and work there.


It is the fourth most spoken language on the planet and the primary language of Latin America. Learning Spanish will give you the opportunity to work in both domestic and international tech companies. 

Jobs are offering good salaries in the USA and many other countries for Spanish speakers. Spanish-speaking countries like Spain and Mexico are increasing in technology, so in the near future, there will be a good demand for Spanish-speaking employees.

 It would be a good idea to learn Spanish and wait for the opportunities waiting for you in the corner. 

Learning Spanish won’t be hard if you are good at English. There are not many differences between these two languages.


In this section, we talked about the top 5 languages to learn if you want to work in the technology sector. 

These are not all of them, but the majority. Learning these languages will surely help you to join your desired sector. The best trick is to master English properly because it has the largest number of opportunities for you. Other languages will be easier if you learn English first. If you are worried about where you can learn these languages, do not worry

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