The Advantages of Manned Guarding Services

Manned Guarding Services London
Manned Guarding Services London

Advantages of Manned Guarding 

With the ever-changing environment we are living in, the need for a better security system has become more important than ever before. The field of security has undergone immense technological development and innovation.

But despite that, the importance of manned guarding has also increased. No matter how advanced your security system is, without security personnel on the ground the system will always be relatively less effective.

Manned Guarding Services London may not be required for every type or size of the property. For instance, if you live in an apartment, a self-monitored surveillance system or a security system monitored by a security company may be sufficient.

However, large size homes and businesses may be better off with a security system that also includes manned guarding. Let us look at why manned guarding has an edge over unmanned security systems.

A highly effective deterrent

There is no doubt that security stickers, warning signs, physical barriers, and CCTV cameras, are all powerful deterrents. Research on crime proves that more than 50 % of crimes are not perpetrated because of these deterrents.

Research also proves that a deterrent that is even more powerful than the above-mentioned is the physical presence of security personnel. Dressed in professional uniforms and armed.

They can change the mind of criminals much quicker than other deterrents. Combine your video surveillance with the watchful eyes of a security guard and you have the perfect security system.

Real-time response

Surveillance systems can monitor your premises, sense any breach of security, raise the alarm, and convey alerts to your security company but they cannot respond in real-time to any critical situation.

However, such surveillance systems with the addition of Manned Guarding Services London can provide a timely response to any dangerous situation such as a break-in or fire. Security personnel is trained to deal with various types of emergencies. They can prevent damage to your property and valuables by responding promptly to any security challenge.

Making your customers/guests feel safe

Your guests or customers will feel more uncomfortable with numerous CCTV cameras installed on your property than with security personnel. Moreover, security personnel creates a feeling of safety for people.

Manned Guarding Services London
Manned Guarding Services London

A security officer patrolling your premises will reassure people that they are in a secure environment. They can also guide and greet your customers and make them feel at ease. Security personnel is trained for contingencies.

They know how to deal with the crowd in case there is a hazard such as fire or an armed attack. Without security personnel the crowd in a shopping mall or any other business site with high traffic can turn chaotic in case evacuation is required. They are also trained to defend your premises and your valuables.

Create a comfortable and safe work environment

Manned guarding services in London will not only reassure your customers but also enable your employees to focus on their work. Creating a safe workplace for your employees is imperative for keeping them productive.

With the presence of Security personnel at your business site, you will also feel reassured and safe. With time, your security guards will also become well aware of your employees and will be able to identify any prospective troublemakers.

Regular patrolling of your business site will allow them to identify any weak points which require security reinforcement or other security measures for effective security. If your security system or any one of its components is not working.

Your security guards will be able to identify them and you can replace or repair them timely. Security personnel can also provide you with Keyholding Services London. This involves handing over a spare pair of keys to your premises to a security professional who will be responsible for every security aspect of your premises.

Stress-free business 

With all these advantages of manned guarding, your mind and heart can be at peace. You will be able to focus more on your business activities instead of worrying about security issues all the time.

The same benefits cannot be derived from an unmanned security system an effective security system should include the use of both surveillance technology as well as the physical presence of security personnel.


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