The 5 Best Ways to Get a Senior to Wear Adult Diapers 

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Think about it for a moment. How would you feel if you had to wear adult diapers? Most people are privately mortified at the thought of needing to do so. Many older adults view the prospect as a sign of failure or a final admission that they cannot handle their hygiene. 

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This can make convincing seniors to wear diapers a challenge. However, there are plenty of reasons why a senior may need to wear adult diapers. Adult diapers are not the same as infant versions but something in between. They are much more discreet than typical infant diapers and offer benefits above and beyond sponge baths.  

Hopefully, these tips help ease your loved one into wearing them and reduce the risk of complications from urinary tract infections or bed sores from continuous moisture on their skin for extended periods: 

1. Use Comfortable Words

If the person who wears the adult diapers is cognitively intact but embarrassed at the idea of wearing diapers, consider using more discreet terminology. You might want to avoid using the word “diaper” when trying to get your senior loved one to wear them because it might upset them, as diapers can conjure an unhappy association with being an infant. 

 Instead, you can use more comfortable words such as “adult pullup,” “adult underwear,” or even “panties .”Using simple words instead of medical terms might also help you get your senior to wear them. When your loved one is relaxed and happy, they are more likely to wear them. 

2. Remind Them Of The Benefits

Remind them of the benefits when they feel pressured to wear something they don’t want to. Adult diapers protect the skin from moisture and potential infection by absorbing and containing urine.  

If a senior is bedridden and their skin is soaked in urine for hours at a time, they are at risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI). The bacteria in the urine can travel up the urethra and cause a painful and potentially dangerous condition that requires antibiotics and hospitalization. Similarly, if the skin is constantly wet, it will become macerated and prone to bed sores. 

Reminding them of these benefits is an excellent way of convincing them to wear adult diapers, as they can weigh the benefits against the risks of not wearing one. 

3. Show Them That Other People Are Doing It

Let’s face it. If your loved one is in diapers and not wearing them proudly, they’re likely to feel ashamed or embarrassed. In this case, you might want to try a different approach. You can try to make it seem like everyone is wearing them.  

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This might sound silly and childish, but it can work. When everyone around the seniors wears adult diapers, they might want to wear them too because they don’t want to be left out and feel like they don’t belong. This will help reinforce the idea that using adult diapers is normal and everyone should use them. 

4. Offer a Reward

Rewards are great; they can work well when convincing a senior to wear adult diapers. This may sound silly, but sometimes people need a little motivation to try something new. 

 If your loved one is resistant to wearing diapers, consider offering a reward for their first successful use. This could be anything from a special outing or vacation to a new piece of clothing or item of jewelry. If a reward is vital to your loved one, it may be just the encouragement they need to try something new and get the help they need. 

5. Ask for Help from a Nurse or Doctor

If your senior loved one is in denial, it’s better to ask for help from a nurse or doctor. This is important because professionals are often taken seriously, and for a good reason. However, you should not present them to your seniors until you are certain they will accept them. You should be on the same page as your seniors when introducing a professional, or they will feel disempowered and disrespected.  

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Regardless of your research, specialists will always be more knowledgeable than you. They know techniques or tricks to help your loved one accept the change and move on with their life. Nurses and doctors go through this often, so they might have some advice that can help you in your situation. It’s safe to ask for their help, as they can help your loved ones understand why they need to wear adult diapers. They will understand and be happy to assist you. 


As much as we may want to remain young forever, old age is inevitable and comes with challenges. As we age, our bodies change, and so do our needs. There comes the point when a senior cannot cope with their daily activities or hygiene. This is where adult diapers come in handy.  

However, getting a senior to wear adult diapers can be an uphill task, especially if they are in denial of their situation or are stubborn. But it becomes much more manageable if you know what sort of arguments will work in your favor.  

We hope the above tips will help you convince your seniors to wear diapers. If they still refuse to wear them, try to avoid nagging or pressuring them. Be understanding and supportive. Be sure to follow up with your physician if the situation is severe. 


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