The 10 Best Manga to Anime Conversions


A good adaptation not only comprehends its source but also the media. While an Exact adaptation might maintain the storyline, it might not capture the essence of the original. After all, only like there is certain stuff that cannot be executed in an anime, there is some stuff that is only available accomplished in the manga medium.

The finest anime adaptations do a good job of modifying their source material while always keeping in mind that some viewers might be watching the story for the very first time. So if you wish to read the manga you can visit mangaowl and later watch these animes for free on animixplay to compare. Here are The 10 Best Manga-to-Anime Conversions. 

Ping Pong Animation:

Despite being an adaptation that shouldn’t have succeeded considering how varied and stylish the original manga was, Taiyo Matsumoto’s work is masterfully brought to life in the anime, which also fully develops the arcs, themes, and story.

In all honesty, Ping Pong the Anime almost eliminates the need for manga. Matsumoto is a great mangaka, so it’s still worth reading, but the animation is simply incredible. The adaptation strikes together all the right notes and also has amazing visuals that make ping pong seem like Dragon Ball. There aren’t many things better than this.

Devilman Crybaby:

It brilliantly captures the essence of vintage manga. Everything is flawlessly translated, and some of the more troublesome aspects of the manga are even reduced without degrading the original work. In addition to being a fantastic adaptation, Devilman Crybaby is a classic because of its inspiration.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

The popularity of Revolutionary Girl Utena’s anime adaptation surpasses that of its manga to the extent that some viewers of the show may not be aware that it is an adaptation. To be fair, it’s a type of adaptation where the manga is merely a starting point for the tale rather than a true source.

Hunter X Hunter 

The original 1999 adaption of Hunter x Hunter is a very different matter. Even though it doesn’t cover a lot of the manga, what it does cover is perfectly adapted for the anime style, with a fantastic soundtrack, wonderful animation, thrilling direction, and an otherworldly atmosphere. Even if it doesn’t provide a complete picture, it is more attractive overall.

One Punch Man

One-Punch Man’s debut season may go down in history as the best anime adaptation of the last ten years. The series’ distinctive look was almost completely lost in Season Two, yet the First season still shines out as a titan of anime. One Punch Man is so adorable that it’s difficult not to enjoy it right away.

Prison School

Prison School’s anime adaptation does a good job of translating the first arc of the manga. It is wildly humorous, surprisingly dramatic, and just emotional enough to make a lasting impact. Despite some pacing flaws, it’s still a good substitute for the manga because it brings out the best aspects of the story.

Death Note 

The unsettling fact about Death Note is that it’s just not that good. The series rapidly deteriorates with each arc. According to fans, the story should’ve just ended with L’s passing, but the minute Light first gave up on the Death Note, the quality dropped. However, the anime does a good job at concealing differences in quality.


Death Note is expertly produced and presented, despite the fact that the tale unquestionably gets worse. It succeeds in adding a depth of flair that the manga is conspicuously lacking. Death Note’s animation adaptation soars above its manga counterpart thanks to superb voice acting, an incredible score, and some fantastic animation.


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