Study Tools you Should be Using for Success


Great study tools for all students to make your life easy and help you attain academic excellence despite the different challenges that you are exposed to during your daily academic routines. 

Scoring excellent academic grades is not always a walk in the park for the majority of students. The good thing, however, is that many tools could aid students in achieving their desired academic goals. If you have experienced a significant decline in your academic performance, these tools could aid you in regaining control. One of the most amazing things about these tools is they can help students track their academic grades. For instance, students having difficulty calculating their GPA points can always use this link to access the Peachy Essay GPA Calculator. This article will discuss study tools students should use to succeed academically. 


If you want to succeed academically and in life, you must strive to be organized. If you have poor organizational skills, you will have difficulty attaining your desired goals since you will not know the things you have accomplished and those you are yet to achieve. If you have poor organization skills, you should consider utilizing the Soshiku tool since it will aid you in remaining organized and keeping track of your projects. The good thing about the tool is that it not only manages your projects but also reminds you of the upcoming deadlines. Using this tool saves students a lot of time since they can easily save their notes, attach different files, manage various tasks, and communicate effectively with friends. If you want to succeed academically, you should consider using this tool. 

Write Monkey

College life is filled with many sources of distractions, which could make students easily lose their concentration. Distractions could be in the form of friends, spouses, colleagues, pets, or social media platforms. If students are not cautious, they will realize when it is too late that they have wasted too much on unproductive activities. Therefore, students must avoid all forms of distractions if they want to succeed academically. If you have difficulty getting rid of distractions, you should consider using the Write Monkey tool since it will help you eliminate various sources of distraction. As a result, you will be able to fully concentrate on completing assignments or revising for the upcoming examinations. The good thing about the tool is that when a student is studying, it launches a full-screen, which makes it easier for students to ignore other forms of distraction. The tool also blocks other programs that might distract students from concentrating on their studies. Most importantly, the tool aids students in improving the quality of their academic papers since scholars have access to other resources, such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and spell checks. Essentially, if you have difficulty getting rid of distractions, you could consider utilizing this tool. 


While in college, I had the tendency to forget my assignments or studying resources back in the hostel. Sometimes, I would be forced to return to my hostel so that I would carry all the necessary revision materials with me. In the current generation, technological advancements have revolutionized students’ lives since it has provided a lot of portability. The tool offers students a safe and convenient place to store all their assignments and projects, which can be accessed anytime and, on any device, provided they have a secure internet connection. The option of portability allows students to study in any geographical location. In essence, with the Dropbox tool, students can store photos, videos, and documents up to 2GB without paying. If the space is too small for you, there is the option of upgrading the storage capacity. An individual could also get free space by referring their colleagues. 

Plagiarism checker

Most college students have difficulty submitting plagiarism-free assignments. Almost every student understands the dangers or negative effects of submitting plagiarized assignments. If caught with plagiarized papers, you could lose your scholarship, be expelled or become suspended from the learning institution. According to researchers, two of the most effective ways of preventing incidents of plagiarism are through writing from scratch and giving credit to the authors where you obtained information. However, you could consider using a plagiarism checker tool to ensure your paper is plagiarism-free. The good thing about this tool is that students can use it for free and as often as they wish. As a student, you could be having difficulty succeeding academically because you constantly submit plagiarized assignments. It would be best if you considered using the plagiarism checker tool every time before submitting your assignments to the lecturer for grading. 

The Nirvana

This tool is usually used for enhancing productivity, especially among students. If you have never used or heard of this tool, it aids students in boosting their productivity. With the tool, students can easily organize and record their tasks, create and edit projects, monitor the progress of their projects, add contacts, and export their assignments to their PC. Students having difficulty organizing their various activities are encouraged to use the Nirvana tool. 

Bibliography Generator

Generally, students are required to complete many assignments within a short duration. Students might sometimes have difficulty formatting their academic papers, especially since various academic papers require different formatting styles. In most cases, students must format their academic papers in APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard. Some students are reluctant to complete their academic papers because they cannot differentiate the different writing formats. Apparently, this is one reason why most students prefer seeking writing assistance from companies offering custom writing services. If you have difficulty formatting your bibliographies correctly, you could consider using a bibliography generator tool. Students can use the tool for free regardless of their geographical location, provided they have a smartphone or PC connected to secure internet. 

Marinara Timer 

Most students have difficulty managing their time effectively. On the same note, most students have a negative perception that studying for a long duration without taking a break will make them succeed academically. As a student, you should spare sufficient time to rest if you want to study effectively. Generally, you will have difficulty succeeding academically if you have poor time-management skills. Students having difficulty managing their time effectively are always encouraged to use the Marinara Timer. The good thing about this tool is that it is inspired by the Pomodoro technique that breaks down studying sessions into manageable break sessions. 

Hopefully, by reading this article, you have learned the different tools that will help you improve your academic performance. 


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