Some Useful Tips & Tricks For Thick Hairs

Tricks For Thick Hairs

Thick hair is one of the hair types which gets dry out and becomes fragile when the cold or heating season arrives. You can experience bad and frizzy hair days on the arrival of warmer or more humid weather. For those who crave thick hair, these issues are not a big problem but those who already have kept on struggling with the issues. 

If you think that thick hairs are the ideal hair type to have, ask those who already are born with succulent locks about their exertion of maintaining their mop. Undoubtedly, you can enjoy the volume of hairs and various styling options for thick hair, but you can’t ignore the constant frizz and time required to get those styles. 

Here are some of the great tips given for thick hairs to deal with efficiently! 

Learning What Causes Frizz?

The reason why frizz occurs is when the outer layer of the hair cuticle gets lifted, allowing the moisture to pass through and make the hair strands swell. The hair strands remain smooth and frizz-free in the otherwise case. Dry hair causes the lifting of cuticles, which leaves the hair cuticle more prone to the situation.  

Dry hairs confront moisture to go frizzy, anytime, anywhere! Frizz is among the issues that people with thick hair face. The others are combing issues to grab the tangles, unavailability of a good conditioner, lack of bounce & fully dry hairs, big bed heads, and many other issues.    

How to deal with frizz and other issues 

What can you do to deal with the thick hair frizzes? Some of the answers lie as a solution that contributes to dealing with big and thick hair. You should be careful with the products & tools to be used, styling, and cuts to call to action. 

Products for Thick Hairs

For general hairs, there is shampoo, rinse & repeat. However, this doesn’t apply to the thick hair which has frizz and flyaway concerns. Some experts have suggestions to cut back the washes so that you can prevent the hairs from damage. Now the concern is about getting healthy hair. What you can do is skip some of the harmful shampoos. The scalp has natural oils which provide precipitation and shine to the hairs; daily washing can shred those and makes the hair dry. Give a break between your washes to get healthy hair.

Take the shampoos you are using into consideration, also how frequently it is called into action. Using a shampoo massage brush for the scalp to get a thorough cleaning is a good idea. 

Tools for Thick Hairs

The process of controlling your thick hair starts from what you do while going to sleep. Some great tools can be used to reduce the struggle of flagrant bed heads, frightful knots, and kinky flyways in the thick hair.

  • Silk Turbans: No need to see the disorganized mess head in the next morning and get a glamorous look instead. This silk accessory prevents your hair from tangling, but also prevents cotton sheets from drying it out.
  • Drying Brushes: You can dry and style your wet hair with brushes that come along with bristles and microfiber strands. Try out wet brushes too that detangle without causing any harm to hair.
  • Avoid Heating Tools: Your hairs are delicate, try to avoid using flat irons or any other styling tools. If you have to use it anyhow, never raise the temperature above the 380-degree mark and a heat protectant is a must.  
  • Detangling with wide-tooth comb: For thick hair, you can comb out the tangles with a wide-tooth comb or brushes so that you can prevent breaking of hair. A standard comb is not a good option to go if you have thick hair.
  • Don’t go for chemical straightening: It may seem easy to straighten the thick hair with the help of chemicals, but it only ruins your hair, making it worse.

Styling for Thick Hairs

Though thick hair has many styling options, some people want to make it look thinner. How can you get those without any heat treatment? How can you weigh down thick hair? 

There are some simple tips for thick hair which can really help you in creating stunning hairstyles with less effort.

  • Undercut: Not everyone likes this bold style, but it can give an appealing & engaging look if done perfectly by the stylist. The undercut is exactly what the name defines – removing the hair from the lowest part of the head and allowing the above hair to lay flatter and more flowing. 
  • Pick a stylist who uses cutters: When you decide to go on an experiment with thick hair, go with a hairdresser that knows how to use thinning cutters or razors to get some layers. This can reduce the frizz and layer your hair in a way that it looks thin and less heavy. You can further give a style statement with claw clips for thick hair available out in the market. 
  • Thin Layers: Layering the thick hair can get the hair under control, cut down its weight and allow you to style it. Take suggestions from the stylist for the right look according to your face shape.


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