Sneak Peek into What Most People Think About the Coronavirus!


The studies on the latest surge of COVID subvariant show that almost 1/3rd of the American population says Coronavirus know of people getting reinfected. In their circle in a couple of weeks. Over 30% of those who had contracted the virus or doubted carrying the infection. Since the outbreak happened said they fell sick twice or more. The new BA.5 subvariant is on the rise. However, many have still not fallen prey to it while the mask usage has hit the lowest point. The survey also elicits that four out of five people believe COVID will never leave us. While one in three opines the pandemic has ended. But more Americans think that it will take at least more than one year. Or probably forever to be able to resume the life prevalent in the pre-pandemic world.

Different polls continue to share plenty of insights to help understand the overall sentiments. Toward the pandemic and its impact on their personal lives. In this context, your attention can drift to MyBioSource’s observations that revealed that nearly 30% of Americans are wary of talking about COVID in social gatherings as this either has cost. Them their friendship or increased distance due to their disagreement about the measures. Anyway, let’s look into different layers to understand the situation better.

“Only a quarter of people said they had reinfection.”

As mentioned, 50% of Americans either got the COVID infection or thought. They had it at one point in time in the early days of the pandemic. Of them, only a handful believes that they faced the issue of reinfection. 46% of the respondents to a credible poll said they fell sick or suspected they had got the virus in the early year of the coronavirus. 71% of Americans who are sure about getting the infection informed they had it only once, 25% reported having it twice. And about 3% said they were down with it three times. Also, about 61% of the fully vaccinated folks (6 of 10) discussed catching the virus again.

“A quarter of American population informed of knowing someone in their contact dealing with reinfection.”

Although only 33% of participants said someone in their network had been down with the virus again, they seem to be more worried about the situation. Yet, masks are not that common anymore, and people seem unfamiliar with the new treatments. The reason can be their unfamiliarity with the new Omicron BA.5 sublineage. One in three people only knows about this mutated version as per the latest surveys.

Only 36% of the people wear masks occasionally or regularly when stepping out of their homes, something that has changed drastically since the onset of the pandemic. At the same time, another 36% of participants said they don’t cover their mouth and nose outside the house. This trend has increased by almost 14% compared to the previous year. As for awareness about the treatments, only 26% of the people have heard about the antiviral pillPaxlovid that treats severe COVID-19 cases.

“A large number of Americans feel COVID-19 is here to stay.”

About 78% of the Americans (4 out of 5) say coronavirus will not go away, something with which even many Democrats and other parties agree. On the other hand, 29% of people think the pandemic has ended. There has not been any change in this figure since May. There is one more segment where nearly 36% or one in three individuals believe that many people have gotten over the pandemic, but they are still unable to achieve this state.

Interestingly, most people (27%) worry about being the virus carrier and risking other people’s lives than getting infected. Other worries include fear of long-term COVID symptoms, daily life disruption, and catching the infection again. Also, 74% of immunized Americans are ready to get boosted if they have to take a dose once a year, and 76% say they will go for it if this safeguards them from the new Omicron variants.

Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus poll brings to light three types of American adults –

1) those who feel the pandemic is over

2) those who are yet to move on

3) those who miss their peers.

It deserves attention that the behavior and views of the people have not changed despite the current coronavirus rise in the country. One in three American adults still says that the pandemic is over. Also, most people seem to be more concerned about spreading the virus than suffering from it personally. Amid this, outings have increased and peaked over pre-Delta variant times. People gradually shift to the everyday world, so their preferences around COVID policies are also changing. For example, they want authorities to go easy with masking and vaccination requirements. Presently, only one in ten Americans think it’s a crisis, while others acknowledge it’s a manageable challenge.




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