A Short Fashion Guide to Look Chic And Cool

look chic and stylish

Every woman has her own dressing style. And that style defines who she is. Some women believe that they have to wear a certain dress or attire to look chic. However, the truth is that you can make any outfit look stylish if you carry it the right way.

Whether I am having a look at ready to wear dresses or shopping for a suit, I keep some tips in mind. And you should too.

Invest in Timeless Pieces

How many of you are aware of the term, FAD? A fad is a trend or a craze that is short-lived. Here, we are talking about a fashion-related trend that gets all the hype for a couple of weeks or months before it vanishes in thin air. You would be better off if you invest in timeless pieces rather than WASTING money on what is trending.

I am not saying that you should not buy trendy clothes. Just keep their quantity to a limited number as you won’t be wearing them for years once the trend ends. On the other hand, if you make wise investments in timeless pieces, you can wear them and look chic regardless of the trends.

For example, neon necklaces are the talk of the town these days. Instead of buying them in a gazillion different colors, find some at a thrift shop. That way it won’t hurt you once the fashion is over. Because you did not end up spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing those necklaces.

Learn the Art of Thrift Shopping

If you do not know how to make the best out of your thrift shop trip, you need to up your game. Because one needs to have an eye for detail when sifting through all the trash at thrift stores before coming across something valuable. There are also some rules that you should remember while making a purchase. For example, if you come across knitwear that is old, invest in it rather than going for a more recent one. Because old clothes have one thing- QUALITY.

If you get lucky enough, you can even find designer wear (old but in good condition) at a very low price at these stores. All you would need is patience to stay in the store for a couple of hours and look through the shelves and racks.

Remember to make tailors and dry cleaners your best friends. Because you would be needing them a lot after your thrift shop trips.

Wardrobe Rehab

All you need is to follow these easy six steps for a wardrobe rehab:

  • Culling
  • Reorganizing
  • Defining your style
  • Identifying wardrobe essentials
  • Reviewing colors and trends
  • Focus while shopping

Give your wardrobe an entire day and clear all the clutter that is just lying there for no good reason. Doing so will leave only the items that make you look chic in your wardrobe. So, please, do yourself this favor.

Over Dress

Whenever you find yourself in doubt, overdress. If you think that overdressing can play against you, you can find a middle ground between overdressing and underdressing. For example, pair a cargo jacket with a pair of jeans. This will give you an instant chic look. And you will not have to worry about what to wear to an event either. You can even add a layer of a chic jacket to your dress. And wear boots to complete the look. That also gives an instant cool and stylish look.

Find Your Muse

Who inspires you the most in the fashion world? That individual is your muse. You can adopt their dressing style. Of course, you are allowed to bring variations to it. But your muse can give you many ideas on how to dress up and carry yourself in a chic way. You can take inspiration from anyone. They do not necessarily have to be an actor. Maybe you like a blogger, an influencer, a model, or a singer.

For many, their mothers or sisters are also a muse and that is perfectly fine. A muse does not always have to be a prominent person.

For me, bloggers who promote eastern women’s fashion wear have also been a big inspiration. Because I love to fuse various styles to come up with a unique outfit.

How many of you have a muse?


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