Ruby-on-Rails Developer Checklist: Kickstart Your Project with a Bang!


Ruby-on-Rails (RoR) is the modern classic that has introduced the world of Information Technology (IT) to a bundle of amazing software products. This open-source framework reduces the complexity of modern web apps.

It was founded on Ruby, the programming language, to simplify and streamline the web app development process. In contrast, Rails is built with the foundation of convention over configuration. Rails suspects that its domain-savvy developers walk hand in hand with “standard best practice conventions such as naming, code structure and more. And if you do, things work out for you magically.

Today, things are running smoothly for a Ruby on Rails developer for many reasons. Briefly listing them down:

  • It is beginners friendly
  • You will have the opportunity to land a job in a startup
  • The availability of jobs is massive!
  • The framework has a prosperous and helpful community.
  • The prospect of a good salary package knocks on your door as the demand for RoR is more while the chance of finding a matured Ruby on Rails developer is rare.

Convinced? That’s what we hoped for.

Jumping forward, it is time to learn some skills that are a must-have in a Ruby-on-Rails developer:

1. Have a Command Over Ruby Skills

You cannot construct a skyscraper without a solid foundation. That’s the same case with Ruby-on-Rails. While diving deep into the realm of intense coding, you need to make an alliance with Ruby because it will provide the necessary cavalry to develop a weaponized web app.

In addition, all the frameworks of rails are written in Ruby Language only. In other words, Ruby is the base on which Ruby on Rails operations extends. If this base crumbles, it will be difficult to present an impressive front. Therefore, it is mandatory to determine which Ruby skills a candidate must aspire to have.

Here is the checklist for the Ruby skills you need to learn:

  • Knowledge of syntax: Web programming comes with its own determined set of syntax. It is all about writing loops, classes and modules. Hence, your ideal candidate should be adept at writing conditional statements of a program and declaring a constructor in Ruby. She or he should be a reserve of Ruby callbacks and know how to implement them in a real-time world.
  • Great understanding of OOP: Object Oriented Programming is an essential component of Ruby on Rails development because it assists a Ruby-on-Rails developer in creating a virtual view of the codes. Also, OOP plays a critical role in determining the compatibility of codes with one another. Most importantly, be certain that the candidate knows how to create lambdas and other OOP aspects.

2. Get A Hold of Front End Development Skills

A Ruby-on-Rails developer must have a profound understanding of front-end development skills.

Why is that so? Because every button a visitor clicks and each navigation they experience is a part of front-end development. Therefore, make sure that a Ruby on Rails developer has a senior-level experience in HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

  • HTML: While working on ROR, you will be scribbling HTML after HTML. Your Ruby-on-Rails engineer must have some exceptional HTML skills. While working on HTML, they have a grip on how to write <h1>, <p>, <div>, <span> tags and more.
  • JavaScript: Count in JavaScript! Without this, your Ruby on Rails developer can play around with any DOM, wrap an element in a blanket of a hidden HTML, manage and direct confirmation dialogues and much more.
  • CSS: While outsourcing from a software development company, evaluate their Ruby-on-Rails developers on the basis of their Cascading Style Sheets. It is the key prerequisite skill that every front-end developer must have.

3. Masters of Ruby-on-Rails Skills

A Ruby-on-Rails developer must have a grip on advanced skills, listing them below:

  • MVC Paradigm: You must know it as the structure of the Ruby-on-Rails framework. Highlighting it from the perspective of a developer, he or she will know which layer is responsible for what and how to structure your next big web app.
  • ActiveRecord: It has built its name in the world as the Ruby library that lends a helping hand while working on SQL databases. This skill is crucial because it determines the success rate of your project.
  • REST API: REST is a web protocol for confirming proper data exchange and transfer. In like manner, all web applications require an API to lead the functionality of a web app towards excellence. Do remember that REST APIs are highly preferred over traditional APIs such as SOAP. The underlying reasons are simple processing and easy configuration.

4. Knows How To Leverage Tools

A Ruby-on-Rails Developer is an expert when getting the most out of development tools. For this purpose, tools needed to assist RoR developers in their tasks are Git, Docker, CL, Heroku, Trello/Asana/Pivotal.

How to Find A Pre-vetter Ruby-on-Rails Developer?

Wondering where you can find such a developer who has all these skills? Worry no more! Various software development and consulting companies have an impressive community of developers specializing in RoR. Most importantly, you can opt for staff augmentation or hire a dedicated team — either way, you will get value for your money!


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