Roadmap to Clear Microsoft Azure DP 100 Exam


Data Science and Machine Learning have become buzzwords as the popularity and spread of cloud computing is increasing daily. So, the demand for Data Scientists who can help organizations process and analyze large amounts of data stored in clouds is increasing. 

Microsoft is one of the leading players in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cloud security. Certain Microsoft Online Courses lead to Microsoft certifications. One of the popular Microsoft certification courses is Microsoft Azure, as the demand for Microsoft-certified Azure Data Scientist Associates is increasing rapidly.

Microsoft Azure DP 100 Exam – Syllabus, Details, and Do’s and Don’ts

In the DP 100 Exam, candidates must design and execute a data science solution using Azure. This exam checks the knowledge of Machine Learning and Data Science and the ability to develop and execute Machine Learning workloads on Azure.

Microsoft Azure DP-100 is an exam that will make the applicant Microsoft certified Azure Data Scientist Associate. Once a person becomes a Microsoft-certified professional, chances of his employment will increase to a great extent.

Azure Data Science Certification Syllabus

DP 100 exam tests various skills of the candidates in different skills. DP 100 is a moderately difficult exam. Following are the four categories of skills along with their weightage:

  • Set up of Azure Machine-learning Workspace – 30-35%
  • Running experiments and training models – 25-30%
  • Optimizing and managing models – 20-25%
  • Deploying and consuming models – 20-25%

Details DP 100 Exam

  • Length – 40 to 60 Questions
  • Duration – 2 Hours
  • Exam Fees – US$ 165
  • Format of Questions – Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the blanks to complete the codes, questions based on scenarios, and reordering sequence.
  • Negative Marking – No penalty for wrong answers.
  • Passing Points – 70% (700 points out of 1000)
  • Exam Last Updated – 20th May 2021
  • Testing Mode – On-site or Online via Pearson VUE
  • Scheduling the Exam – One can schedule the exam based on the available slots. It is better if the exam is scheduled a week or two in advance.
  • Retaking of Exam – One will have to wait at least 24 hours if the exam is not cleared in the 1st attempt for giving the 2nd attempt. For the 3rd, 4th and 5th attempt, one will have to wait 14 days before giving it another try. If you cannot clear it even after 5 attempts, you will have to wait for one year before appearing for the exam again.

Do’s and Don’ts for taking the DP 100 Exams


  • Use resources provided by Microsoft – Microsoft provides exhaustive resources for preparing for the DP 100 Exams. It provides a learning path that contains 15 modules of rich and high-quality content.
  • Learn Azure ML SDK for python – To pass this exam, one must clearly understand Azure ML SDK for python. Here also, Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning Labs can be utilized.
  • Create an Azure Free Trial Account – A credit of US$200 shall be given when one creates the account. A person desiring to appear for DP 100 exam should avail of this free account to try out Azure ML Learning Labs.
  • Good test-taking space – Ensure the space is quiet and free from interruptions for online exams. Ensure that no one is present in the room and there is no pen, pencil, external keyboard, etc. Pearson VUE proctor will be watching you constantly, so if any of the things are not in order, it might be treated as cheating, and the results can be voided.


  • Don’t access Exam Dumps – Accessing Exam Dumps is against the law and can result in a lifetime ban from Microsoft.
  • Don’t forget the weightage of each category – It is necessary that the candidate studies for all the subjects, but the relevant weightage of each topic should be considered. For example, SHAP values a weightage of 5-10%, whereas Azure resource management for ML carries a weightage of 25-30%, so prepare for the exams accordingly.

Getting Professional Help

The DP 100 Exam is not very easy to crack. Though Microsoft provides many resources, chances of success will increase manifold if you can get help from a reputed coaching institute. They will help you prepare for the exams by providing various online and offline courses. Institutes like Koenig Solutions are respected players who are helping the aspirants of DP 100 exams. Their courses are of high quality and priced reasonably. So, to increase the chance of succeeding in the DP 100 exam, enrolling with Koenig Solutions is advisable.


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