Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve Your Ev Charger

Easee EV Charger Installation
Easee EV Charger Installation

We provide a comprehensive charging solution for not only your office but also for residential and commercial needs. Whether you are an architect, a business owner, a B&B owner, or simply an electric vehicle owner and need an EV charger, we are the team for you. Our team can offer you rapid electric car charging points and will come to your site first to discover exactly what will fit your needs best.

Our services

At In-Charge EV installation, we install hundreds of electric charging points. We have extensive knowledge of car charging ports.

Commercial EV Charging Installation:

With energy prices rising in the country, petrol prices are getting higher as well, now might be the time for you to become an EV driver. EV charge points are becoming increasingly popular; for business owners.

An electric car is the best way to ensure the fleet they use in the future. As the climate crisis is taking hold more and more, electric vehicles are becoming more popular with time. Get commercial Easee EV Charger Installation from our expert team.

Residential charging points:

As discussed earlier, each of us is causing the emission of greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in climate change. But we can all reduce our carbon footprint by taking the right steps using hybrid and electric cars, thus helping in mitigating climate change.

And when you choose to get one for yourself, the next question would likely be where to get your electric car charger from. We can install charging points for your electric or hybrid car at your property or home. So, call us now and get your EV home charger installed today.

Types of EV connectors

Each charger type has a set of connectors designed for high and low power use.

  • Rapid and Ultra-rapid chargers are the fastest way to charge an EV; they are often found near main routes and motorways to charge your cars as fast as possible.
  • Fast chargers are mostly rated at 7 kW or 22kw. They are typically located in supermarkets, car parks, or leisure centers.
Easee EV Charger Installation
Easee EV Charger Installation
  • Slow chargers are rated up to 3 kW, the most common method of charging electric vehicles. Many owners charge at home overnight with slow chargers. However, these chargers are not restricted to home use only. Because of their longer charging time, they are not commonly used.

What do we do?

At In-charge EV installation. We provide you with both commercial and residential EV chargers, we not only offer Zappi EV Charger Installation around London, but we also have a partnership with Olev-approved installers to give our clients the best service possible. Furthermore, you can save more than £500 off the installation of the Olev grant scheme if:

  • You are leasing an eligible vehicle for at least six months
  • You have off-street parking
  • You have ordered an eligible vehicle
  • And if your vehicle is on the eligible vehicle list

Maintenance and updates

Suppose you have already installed our charging points in your office or home. Our team will ensure they are always in good working condition and will complete regular fuse board and maintenance updates to ensure your charge point is working properly and smoothly. Call us today and set up your appointment.


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