Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas For Your 3-Year-Old Sister

5 Amazing Rakhi Returning Gift Ideas for your Sassy Sister

Raksha Bandhan is all about celebrating the pure bond between brother and sister. The sacred thread of Rakhi is a lot more than a beautiful thread as it denotes the inseparable bond of love, trust and affection between brother and sister. This Raksha Bandhan, buy the best rakhis for your brother and get them delivered through express rakhi delivery. Besides this, you can buy amazing gifts for your 3-year-old sister.

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas

If you are wondering what to get for such a little kid so as to please her on the occasion, then we are here to guide you regarding the delightful gift products that can be offered to a 3-year-old girl in order to give her the delights of Raksha Bandhan gifts. You may start saving for buying these gifts online or ask your parents to get them from the market;


Chocolates are the best gifts to buy for little kids. If you are puzzled about what gift to bring that could bring delight to the kid then you shall always go with purchasing some chocolates and offer them to your little sister as a Raksha Bandhan gift.

Stuff Toys

The kids would be delighted to be surrounded by the stuffed toys such as teddy bears, dogs and turtles or anything that they would like. If there was a toy that your sister liked and asked for, months back then you can get the same or you may choose any cute little stuffed toy for your sister. She would be delighted to receive it as a Raksha Bandhan gift.

Crayons and Art Book

You can buy art supplies such as crayons, painting boxes and art books for your sister and send Rakhi gifts to Gurgaon. This gift would help the little kids to have fun with the colours and crayons and would also give a boost to their creativity. Such gifts help the kids to explore their talent and skills.

Personalised Cushion

You may select a photograph of your sister and get it printed on a cushion and give it to her. She may play with it or keep it wherever she wants and she will also like to come across this personalized cushion that has been specially designed for her.


We all are aware of how much girls love to play with dolls, some love to maintain a collection of dolls and often express the desire for a dollhouse. So you can ask your parents to buy a dollhouse for her or a set of dolls for her and send Raksha Bandhan delights through your gift.

Cute Handbags

Females are obsessed with handbags, it does not matter what age group they belong to, whether an old lady or a young Kid; the females will always be excited about getting new handbags into their collection. So you must purchase a cute handbag for your sister and give it to her as a Raksha Bandhan gift. She will surely be delighted to get it and would often play with it.

Board Games

You can also send Rakhi gifts online and send your warm wishes for Raksha Bandhan. You may buy a set of board games for your little sister that can help her spend some time having fun and knowing about new games. Also, she can make new friends while playing these games.

New Dresses

Clothes are always a good choice for offering as gifts to people belonging to any age group. You may suggest your parents buy a new dress for your sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan or you may start saving for the beautiful frock that you have seen in the market and contribute to saving in purchasing that Beautiful dress for your sister. Besides that, you can also give her some chocolate or flowers along with the dress.

Fashion Accessories

You may buy fashion accessories such as bangles, bracelets, pendants or necklaces or hair bands for your little sister. She would look cute while wearing them and these accessories would bring more life to her Raksha Bandhan attire. These were some Raksha Bandhan gift suggestions for your 3-year-old sister. Make your Raksha Bandhan extra special by picking any of these delightful gifts. Besides these, you can look for more rakhi gifts for sister over our online gift shop.


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